What are the Best 2020 Marketing Campaigns

What are the Best 2020 Marketing Campaigns
What are the Best 2020 Marketing Campaigns

We interviewed a few people about what is the best marketing campaign of 2020, and here’s some of our responses.

Jake Rheude, VP of Marketing at Red Stag Fulfillment said the two best marketing campaigns of 2020, “is IKEA on #StayHome.IKEA smartly promotes staying at home with its digital advertisement which is very timely. They encourage people to stay at home and maintain social distancing all the time. IKEA tells us a very important thing, that our home will always be the safest place and that every home will always be here, no matter what.”

Jake also said, “Spotify on Using Memes. Spotify made use of meme for their advertisements and it was a success which is hilarious. Spotify cleverly connected with its users in a hilarious way which people liked so much without saying so much.”

John Howard, founder and CEO at Coupon Lawn said, “Here are two marketing campaigns from brands we love and know that have the best marketing campaigns.

Google Android: Friends Furever:  Who doesn’t like to watch animals monkeying around and doing tricks or parrot feeding a dog.  Everybody wants to see that and would you believe that its been shared 6.4 million times.  It’s just plain and simple creativity plus tapping into the viewer’s emotions which makes this a successful marketing campaign.

Reebok: 25,915 Days:  This is a really great ad of Reebok because it speaks about how important it is to be fit and healthy.  But not only that it speaks about how the brand is there starting from when we were younger until now.  That just shows their costumers that their brand is here to stay in the long run.”

“Shari Smith, a business coach and founder of Shari-sells says, “As someone who practices marketing on a daily basis, I am very much impressed with Lego’s Marketing Campaign that gave birth to the Braille Bricks. For me, this has raised awareness and created much noise about our fellow humans who need Braille in order to understand and communicate. I think that this is one of the best campaigns ever because it promotes inclusivity and it made use of their current resources, meaning they wouldn’t have spent a lot on their production. Plus the bricks are completely compatible with their classic bricks, so that means that they won’t hurt their previous product’s market. This is smart marketing at its finest.”

Kate Diaz of Swankyden.com said, “I think one of the best marketing campaigns I saw so far in 2020 was Volkswagen’s Last Mile campaign. This one bids goodbye to the Beetle, which is the most iconic and popular car of the company as they ready it for its transformation as an entirely electric vehicle.

The animated video is short, but it’s very touching, and will especially move those who own a Beetle once in their lifetime. I love that it showed some of the past ads or Beetle throughout the years. Plus, the campaign’s illustrative style, which helps in telling the story of the brand in the most engaging manner. 

I also like its subtle references to various personalities, including Andy Warhol, who paid tribute through his artwork. Then there’s Kevin Bacon in his famous scene in Footloose, driving the car. These extra touches are pretty nice since it shows the role of Volkswagen in popular culture.”

More of 2020’s best work to follow.

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