Who does Publicity and PR for the Biggest Stars and Celebrities in Hollywood?

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Are you into hip hop and rappers who have done well in that industry? If you are, chances are you’ve seen work from the people they employ for their public relations efforts as well. Sometimes that may have been when they were promoting new releases, publicizing events they attend or keeping their name out of the press. So, here is information on some of the publicists and the rappers they represent.

Publicist to the Rappers: Jay-z, Wiz Khalifa & Others – Find out who represents the top rappers in the game!

42 West Public Relations

Ron BerkowitzThe publicist for Jay-Z is Ron Berkowitz from Berk Comm & Marketing Group. Berk offers the full PR package, including event planning for several of their A-list clients. While they are seemingly strong on celebrities and personalities, it is rare that they succeed on the non celebrity client. Some of their other clients include Alex Rodriguez, Victor Cruz, Roc Nation Sports, and more. Ron lives in New Jersey – and works hard.

42 West PR Represents Wiz Khalifa – who will be turning 30 in September. 42 West specializes in entertainment and celebrity work, providing all necessary PR services for Wiz along with their other clients. Some of those clients are Emma Stone, Eddie Redmayne, and more than one major Hollywood studio. Another strong entertainment firm.

Amanda Silverman of 42 West represents Rihanna, Lady Gaga and many others. Her experience has included “Mary J. Blige, Penelope Cruz, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ke$ha, Johnny Knoxville, Queen Latifah, Leighton Meester, Nicki Minaj, Charlize Theron, Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and many others.” While Silverman is at the top of the celebrity food-chain, she has a reputation for being surly – and less than cooperative with many.

Page Six once wrote a piece saying Silverman “might be the biggest liar in the business – and she has stiff competition. When the story of Chris Brown‘s assault arrest broke on Sunday night, and reporters didn’t yet know the victim was his girlfriend Rihanna, Silverman claimed Rihanna, her client, had only been in a traffic mishap, and said she was “fine.” She told another reporter the “Umbrella” singer was “well. Thank you for your concern and support.” It eventually came out Rihanna had bruises, a split lip and bite marks.

The fork-tongued flack didn’t return our calls yesterday, probably because we put her in our “Liar’s corner” in 2004, after she fibbed about her client Damon Dash, claiming he was buying the old Moomba lounge and financing an Abel Ferrara movie. He did neither. Silverman has also professionally lied for Naomi Campbell. If Silverman says the sun is shining, bring an umbrella.” Clearly, she continues to succeed.

There is a fascination in with celebrities which surpasses all understanding. And, naturally with all well-known people comes as part of that entourage a publicist of public relations professional. As everyone remembers the outspoken publicist Shauna Roberts in “Entourage”, the life of a celebrity publicist is constant and all the time.

Here are some of the strong Public Relations professionals who rep the top celebrities around, and the people who the world loves:Kim Kardashian PR reality show

Ina Treciokas of SLATE Public Relations represents Kim Kardashian. Treciokas has in the past worked for stars including Sarah Jessica Parker, Mike Myers, Katie Holmes and Owen Wilson. Stephen Huvane – a partner at the same firm – handles Jennifer Aniston. Robin Baum of SLATE Public Relations represents big-wig actor Ryan Gosling & actress Anne Hathaway

Alan Nierob of Rogers and Cowan PR represents Hugh Jackman and Vince Vaughn. As we have written previously, he also does great work for Caitlyn Jenner.

Ruth Bernstein of Viewpoint Inc. represents Katy Perry – she formerly worked for powerhouse B/W/R.

Nancy Seltzer of Nancy Seltzer & Associates represents Garth Brooks, Bryna Rifkin of ID PR represents Jennifer Lawrence & Lindsay Krug of ID PR represents Miley Cyrus.

Shawn Sachs of Sunshine Sachs – NY represents Ben Affleck – and the same firm has handled Leonardo Dicaprio and many others through the years.

Holly Shakoor Fleischer of 42 West – LA represents Jennifer Garner

Allison Garman of Rogers and Cowan PR represents Chris Pratt, while Danielle Vitucci of Derris & Company represents Nick Jonas.

Annett Wolf of Wolf-Kasteler Public Relations – LA represents Emmy Rossum, while Amber Clapp of Amber Clapp PR represents Gisele Bundchen – and surely has had her hands-full with allegations of plastic surgery in tabloids nationwide.

The Chamber Group is publicists for Lil Wayne, who has been signed to one record label or another since he was nine years old. He’ll turn 35 in September. Just three years ago he passed Elvis Presley’s record for the most hits from a male performer in the Billboard’s Top 100 hits. Some other clients of The Chamber Group include Usher, Jamal Crawford, Under Armour, Versace, , and the firm recently signed Mariah Carey.

PMK*BNC represents rapper Flo Rida, who has had many international hits with his music after first hitting the rap scene in 2008. Some of the other celebrity clients on their roster include Kate Hudson, Robert Redford, Billy Crystal, Sandra Bullock, Selena Gomez, Tim McGraw, and Christina Aguilera.

New York based FYI Brand Communications handles TYGA, who is currently the flame of Kylie Jenner. He chose his stage name reflecting Thank You God Always. Other clients represented by FYI are varied, but some of the well-known names are Mike Tyson, Russell Westbrook, Chris Brown, Tyrese Gibson, and Mario Do Right Foundation.

Of course, one also cannot forget the many who specialize in celebrity crisis PR, including the guru of the West Coast, Michael Sitrick.

Musicians and celebs of every stripe are among those in most need of PR professionals. In fact, the lion’s share of public appearances, activism posts, and other public activity witnessed were arranged and put forward by public relations pros.

A Few Celeb PR Pros

Jay-Z’s publicist is Ron Berkowitz, from Berk Comm & Marketing Group. Berk offers its clients a full PR package, including event planning for A-list clients. Such PR pros have great personalities and experience, they rarely keep their businesses afloat on non-celeb clients. Other clients of Berkowitz are Alex Rodriguez, Roc Nation Sports, and others. Ron lives in Jersey and works tirelessly.

Wiz Khalifa chose 42 West PR for representation. 42 West focuses on entertainment and celebrity work, providing Wiz with the best PR services. Other clients who benefit from their service include such names as Emma Stone, Eddie Redmayne, and a number of Hollywood studios.

Day in “the Life”

Celebrity publicists are mistakenly glamorized. Take the old Sex and the City starlets as an example. For Samantha Jones, a PR exec, has a list of activities including lunch with Lucy Liu, trips to Dubai, sleeping with clients, exclusive invites to new club-openings, and champagne toasts at unveilings of several prominently-placed billboards.

The PR exec sees Samantha doing all of the above without ever having to do any actual work. The most vital and important tasks for a celebrity publicist to perform is damage control. Celeb PR is about counteracting damaging or potentially damaging press coverage threatening the client’s reputation. Good publicists can transform any scandal into brand-expanding opportunities to build even better reputations for clients’.

Celebrity PR professionals will work with more than just the regular red-carpet attendees. In order to support themselves, small industries and little-known people are often the bread and butter of daily work, where PR pros struggle against common issues such as pushing for greater visibility in the marketplace.

Celebrity publicists have some of the hardest days in the PR world, and are usually unsung, as they toil away to save a celebrities from public scandals that can arise in their private lives.

Rappers & celebrities, corporations all benefit from a little PR help. Most of the firms listed here have a great deal of experience in the celebrity field – and that’s the primary scope of what they do.

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