5WPR Named one of Beauty Store Business Magazine’s Picks as Top Marketers

2017-06-19 by Richard D. Pace


It’s no small thing to be chosen for this honor, only five companies made the list and of those five, two of them provide marketing in-house … Birchbox and Dollar Shave Club. You’d almost have to be living in a cave if you haven’t heard the beauty marketing campaigns that have been going on with those two companies over the last year or so.

But less public is the New York-based PR firm 5WPR, which specializes in various areas of public relations, but their beauty division represents brands in areas such as fragrance, cosmetics, skin, hair, oral, and spa clients. They are ranked by O’Dwyer’s as among the top 20 independent PR firms in the US by 2016 revenue. Also, they were listed as finalists for Holmes Gold Sabre Award (Digital and social media influencer marketing for their makeup and skincare client Jane Iredale) as well as for PR News Agency Elite Awards in the category for Consumer Marketing (Jane Iredale) and the category for Marketing to Women rebranding FullBeauty Brands.

Earlier in 2017, they worked with It’s a 10 Haircare to develop the campaign and commercial showing during the Super Bowl receiving 43 Million plus social media impressions with more than 1 million from YouTube views of the commercial. An SVP at 5WPR spoke about the efforts in that campaign, saying: “Our campaign also resulted in Adweek ranking the commercial No. 2 on its list of Best Super Bowl Ads. This multifaceted approach is a great example of how our PR and social media teams can really amplify effort in tandem.”

5WPR in speaking about PR and social trends moving more toward beauty and fashion, said: “We are executing more and more fully integrated PR and digital programs for our client partners, taking a 360-degree approach to PR, social media, branding and digital marketing for brands within the beauty and grooming space. We’re also seeing new types of clients in our beauty and grooming practice as more and more men’s skincare brands start focusing on consumer marketing.”

For those wanting to market beauty products, brands, and lines, recommends that a deep understanding of both the target audience and your capabilities is necessary to create a successful campaign. That includes knowing where your customers will be at different times as well as what will most likely catch their fancy.

Additional tips offered by experts include making the most of your team and creating an atmosphere that brings out the best in people as they work together. Also, never forget the power of video. It’s probably the most effective way of marketing currently, but know what is working currently, not what was doing so last year.

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