Halifax Regional Municipality Issues Marketing RFP

             The primary goal of this project is to develop a communication and marketing strategy, and implementation plan with supporting materials to assist the municipality’s Active Transportation and Corporate Communications staff with promoting and educating the public about new infrastructure for cycling and walking in the Halifax region and to attract new users to our walking and cycling networks. Work on the new infrastructure will start during the 2019 construction season (typically beginning of May to the beginning of December). The goals of this project are:

·   Information: share information with all road users about upcoming changes to the street network based on the implementation of the Integrated Mobility Plan and the AT Priorities Plan

·   Public Education: inform the public about specific changes with respect to new walking and cycling facilities, why these changes are happening, and how to navigate the new facilities from the perspective of a variety of road users (walking, cycling, transit use, and driving) to promote road safety

·   Promotion: encourage the use of new and existing facilities, promote walking and cycling as a mode choice, promote improved conditions for people wanting to walk or cycle more often, and promote the positive impact of walking/cycling infrastructure on individuals and communities


             Walking and cycling are forms of transportation that are affordable, environmentally sustainable, and that promote the health and well-being of our residents while reducing congestion across the                city. The Halifax Regional Municipality is working to build a comfortable, convenient network of                walking and cycling routes to provide people with options for moving around their communities. Our focus is on connecting people to destinations and making this infrastructure accessible to            people of all ages and abilities – from ages 8 to 80, for the slow and the seasoned users. Where          the municipality invests in this designated infrastructure for walking and cycling, we are       contributing to building healthy, vibrant, sustainable, equitable communities across the Halifax              region.

             Over the past four years, the development of our walking and cycling networks has been guided             by our Making Connections: 2014-19 Halifax Active Transportation Priorities Plan. The Active Transportation (AT) Priorities Plan outlines where and how the municipality plans to build new           multi-use pathways (also known as AT Greenways), sidewalks and enhanced bicycle facilities.

Scope of Work

                Communications and Marketing Strategy

                The successful proponent will prepare a communications and marketing strategy that will be used to     market walking and cycling as viable transportation options in the Halifax region via the infrastructure    we have built to support them. Key elements of this strategy should include:

                Creative Representation: Halifax’s Active Transportation work currently lacks its own representation to promote its programs and initiatives, including the delivery of new infrastructure. The 2019 Marketing and Communications strategy will be used to establish and distinguish the work of the active transportation program at the Halifax Regional Municipality. Any creative concepts and elements must comply with Halifax brand standards and be consistent with Integrated Mobility Plan branding to build better awareness of the connection between the plan and the new infrastructure being built in Halifax’s communities. General Messaging: The marketing and communications strategy should include tiers of messaging ranging from the high-level vision for active transportation in the region all the way to specific educational and promotional messaging for specific facilities when construction is     complete. Messaging should focus on the work that the municipality is doing to provide more safe,              comfortableconnected, and convenient routes for people of all ages and abilities to walk and cycle          across the municipality and the benefits that these changes will have at the individual and community     level.

                Targeted Messaging and Tactics: While some messaging should be targeted geographically to residents who will be affected by the changes happening after a new facility is built, the municipality is also      interested in targeting messages to segments of the population who may be most likely to take up       walking and cycling as a form of transportation. For example, a study from Simon Fraser University          conducted in Halifax found that 58% of residents would be interested in adopting cycling for          transportation but have concerns about the lack of protected, connected network of cycling           infrastructure. The municipality is currently working to address these barriers by building bikeways                 that would make the same 58% of residents feel confident and safe riding a bicycle in Halifax. The           successful proponent should be able to conduct market research to identify segments who may be             most likely to take up cycling and recommend channels or tactics for successfully reaching them. 

                Facility Promotion and Education: The 2019 Marketing and Communications Strategy will be used to promote new facilities that will be built in the 2019 construction season. It is anticipated that 13 new facilities will be built between May/June and December next year. The strategy should outline a process for promoting these new facilities and providing education to all road users to ensure that people are aware of new facilities and new facility types as well as how to navigate them safely and               confidently. Any elements that are developed should be easily adaptable so that they can be used to         promote each unique facility and tie them back to the umbrella messaging of the Integrated Mobility         Plan.

Due date

                April 23rd 2019 2:00pm 


                Procurement Section

                Halifax Regional Municipality

                c/o Customer Service Centre, 1st floor Alderney Gate

                40 Alderney Drive

                Dartmouth Nova Scotia

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