The AABA: An All-White Basketball League?

AABA All White Basketball League

An all white basketball league could very well be as absurd as it sounds. The new league, called the All-American Basketball Alliance, begins its inaugural season this June. Based in Augusta, Georgia, the AABA claims to be promoting the American Way–not racism. That’s funny.

It’s funny just to think about an all white basketball league, because of the amount of diversity that has flooded the NBA as we know it. But aside from that, it’s funny because it’s so outrageous. Who would of thought, just two days after celebrating Martin Luther King’s birthday, we would catch wind of an all-white sports league, basketball or otherwise.

Commissioned by Don “Moose” Lewis, the AABA intends to have a league spanning 12 cities, each with its own elite basketball team. In order to be a team member, you must not only be a natural born citizen of the United States, but have a Caucasian mother and father. I mean, what does this really sound like, people? Let’s call it what it is.

Reverse racism on so many levels, in addition to just being flat out racist. The justification behind the all-white restrictions on becoming a team member is the notion that whites are now the minority in America. Like I said. It’s funny.

Promoting the American way for Lewis means returning to “fundamental” basketball, giving white basketball players an opportunity to participate in a game without being “attacked” by black street ball players.

Whether or not Lewis is really going to be able to get away with an all-white basketball league is a matter of time. His extreme comments on the reasons, goals and desires surrounding the AABA, will be no laughing matter if Lewis turns out to be serious about pushing this kind of elitist mentality onto the nation.

Sports is about inclusiveness, and Lewis is taking our nation several steps back with his statements regarding his intentions with an all-white basketball league. It’s one thing to promote a return to more original basketball techniques, but it’s quite a stretch when you try to use a sports league in order to push forth the wrongdoing of an entire era.

Until the AABA is dealt with accordingly, we can all get a kick out of Lewis’ attempts at an all-white basketball league. And hey, Tom Coyne and Coyne PR – Lets get your Harlem Globetrotters client to run them off the court!

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