The AABA: An All-White Basketball League?

AABA All White Basketball League

An all white basketball league could very well be as absurd as it sounds. The new league, called the All-American Basketball Alliance, begins its inaugural season this June. Based in Augusta, Georgia, the AABA claims to be promoting the American Way–not racism. That’s funny.

It’s funny just to think about an all white basketball league, because of the amount of diversity that has flooded the NBA as we know it. But aside from that, it’s funny because it’s so outrageous. Who would of thought, just two days after celebrating Martin Luther King’s birthday, we would catch wind of an all-white sports league, basketball or otherwise.

Commissioned by Don “Moose” Lewis, the AABA intends to have a league spanning 12 cities, each with its own elite basketball team. In order to be a team member, you must not only be a natural born citizen of the United States, but have a Caucasian mother and father. I mean, what does this really sound like, people? Let’s call it what it is.

Reverse racism on so many levels, in addition to just being flat out racist. The justification behind the all-white restrictions on becoming a team member is the notion that whites are now the minority in America. Like I said. It’s funny.

Promoting the American way for Lewis means returning to “fundamental” basketball, giving white basketball players an opportunity to participate in a game without being “attacked” by black street ball players.

Whether or not Lewis is really going to be able to get away with an all-white basketball league is a matter of time. His extreme comments on the reasons, goals and desires surrounding the AABA, will be no laughing matter if Lewis turns out to be serious about pushing this kind of elitist mentality onto the nation.

Sports is about inclusiveness, and Lewis is taking our nation several steps back with his statements regarding his intentions with an all-white basketball league. It’s one thing to promote a return to more original basketball techniques, but it’s quite a stretch when you try to use a sports league in order to push forth the wrongdoing of an entire era.

Until the AABA is dealt with accordingly, we can all get a kick out of Lewis’ attempts at an all-white basketball league. And hey, Tom Coyne and Coyne PR – Lets get your Harlem Globetrotters client to run them off the court!


  1. Ray dishmon says

    It should not be put out like that. The white man went back home, because he had his romp with his black concubine. When are black females going to wake up!

  2. Mike Regan says

    AnAll White Basketball League…?

    Rather than ramble on about the rights versus the wrongs of having an “All White Basketball league” (Which I believe is fair), would just like to say that for close to five decades the blacks have pretty much been running the show… Sadly, they’ve never been content with our elected leadership and seem to thrive on dips like Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Marty King, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc., etc., to do their bullying for them. “Including” bullying their way into the Nation’s Sports Arenas. And can someone tell me why we American tax payers have to pay for the existence of a “Congressional Black Caucus”…???

    It’s been suggested that the blacks are superior to whites when it comes to sports, but the truth is that white kids, who have honed their talents (Yes, very much including basketball) through Grammar School, High School and College, only to find themselves weeded out of the “System” (Read the 3rd paragraph) in their Junior or Senior years of those Colleges. To satisfy the vicious underground “Black Agenda” that rules the show… Bugs me because I enjoy it when the “Hoop It Up” tournaments come to town. The kids come from all over, and it’s a pleasure to watch the “White” kids run absolute rings around the best that the “Blacks” have to offer. “White” kids who could put Michael Jordon to shame. So Please…! Don’t anyone give me that “Uppity Black Superior Crap”…

    Though I remain confused as to why so many blacks put up with these self-proclaimed black leaders, with their Rolex watches, Limos, hugh expense accounts that they’ve bilked from their own people and other millions they’ve bilked out of intimidated Corporations who would rather anti-up on huge settlements then drag their Companies through long, drawn our trials to answer to “Trumped Up Discrimination Charges” by the likes of Jesse Jackson and other “Black Leaders”…

    For the life of me, I do not understand why this “Silent Majority” of the African American community does’nt stand up to these bullies. I’ve no doubt that if I were to drive over to Massachusetts, stand atop a soap box at “Boston Commons”, and then rant and rave for an hour or two on whatever injustices befell the Irish during their history, I would last just that… About two hours before I’d be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail. And those carrying that rail would bear such names as , O’Malley, McCourt, Plimpton and Reardon… And I’m sure most, if not all, other ethic groups in this awesome US of A would act in similar fashion if one of their member’s also took to a soap box….

    It’s quite difficult to explain to some of you younger one’s out there what it has has been like for those of us Americans who experienced our lives both during the wonderful & peaceful decades prior to the assassination of President Kennedy. When we actually celebrated the birthdays of two of our Nation’s most beloved Presidents, George Washington & Abraham Lincoln. They’ve both been stripped of their much deserved “Honor” and “Federal Holidays” and been replaced by some “Nit-Wit” we know of as Marty King… And then the turbulent, violent and despicable decades old behavior to followthe murder of JFK. Behavior attributed, primarily to blacks, who simply took advantage while good ‘ole Uncle Sam’s guard was down.

    It is equally difficult to explain the frustration, especially with regard to those of us who had relatives who served in the American Civil War, but also to many generations of American whites for the absolute, total and complete lack of appreciation extended to this fine Nation by the blacks for the sacrifices made to right a devious wrong… Slavery… A wrong perpetuated by the collaboration of both the Tribal leaders of Africa and Jewish merchants of an era beginning prior to the American Revolution.

    Allowing ourselves to give credit to a young and fledging Nation we now know of as the United States of America, and it’s difficult years following the win over Britain, the fact that it took us only about a decade less than 100 years to gather (From scratch) the resources’ to tackle this wrong is testament to an incredible Nation that, without any doubt, had it’s wonderful heart in the right place…

    And the additional fact that, in the close to 15 decades (145 years…) since the end of the American Civil War, not one single black (Including the Liberal’s precious Barack Obama) has ever acknowledged, “Thanked” or even come close to showing any level of appreciation or respect toward the “359,528″ Union soldiers who died on so many battlefields to insure a better life for the black man… Sacrifices which caused much suffering to family members of those incredible Union Soldiers… Family members that, surely, must have amounted in the millions… It’s appropriate to add here that “275,175″ Union Soldiers were wounded… Most severely.

    It was a time in American History for the black man to embrace the love, the support and the “Blood, Sweat & Tears” provided to them by the awesome people of the United States. Not only to express it, but to pass that expression onto succeeding generations… In this, their failure has been complete…

    The only reward received by those Union soldiers, their families and this great Nation is “Contempt” by the black psyche that continues to ferment within their own family lives and, much to the woe of the predominantly European American populace here in the USA, propagate itself into the American mainstream…

    Sincerest regards,
    Mike Regan

  3. Jim says

    Why is that “funny” to the author of this article? Maybe there are a lot of European Americans out there that would love to watch a basketball game with all white players. The NBA is ghetto street ball, and it sucks. Maybe I would actually watch basketball on tv again.

    • Phil Butler says


      I have kept out of this conversation for the most part, but since I lived basketball for many years it is a little difficult to read comments which lean toward the racist and not have a comment. Sport, at least for me, is an endeavor into excellence like any other. If someone wants to create a club of any kind just for Arian, Native American, Eskimo, wheelchair, ladies, gay men, or any other player demographic – this is fine. But, as you can see, doing so carries a cost – implications. Your comment about basketball now as being ghetto or punk-ish is valid. I have said this many times. That has nothing to do with the color of the player’s skin however – it is a characteristic of basketball as a sub-culture.

      Basketball, or any sport, without the opportunity for the best to compete? Need I say anything more? An all white league is so obvious in its implications we need not be childish here. Would it not be better to start a league with rules which penalize negative behavior more severely? What if the NBA for instance excluded the possibility of a player acting like a circus clown? On the “style” issue, if street ball teams got beaten more soundly by say John Wooden type strategies, or even better Phil Jackson orchestrated tactics?

      The coach has a great deal to do with some of these things I expect, as do some of the players. Imagine a player, let’s say a new Wilt Chamberlain for example, dominating the opposition in every way possible, while maintaining a dignity which needs no “antics” or street wise character additive. The problem with the NBA is not dark pigmented people, it is a lack of leadership. You suggest European people wanting to see white folks play? I think any basketball fan wants to see the best play, but the “ugliness” of the sport now is a valid concern. Color coding is not the answer, what is needed is a more dignified and rigid set of rules for behavior.

      I don’t watch the circus any more either. But I know this, there are players who have very high standards even amid the chaos which is now sport. They are subdued by an overall culture which is ugly – the American culture which has come into being. We have advocated this, and look what we got. An all white league, not matter how well coached and organized, would turn into a similar freak show in short order. Chest bumping, homey honking, back slapping, crotch grabbing white guys looking even more ridiculous than their counterparts. And, with an overall lesser ability to perform round ball magic – YUK. The solution to this problem in sport is not anything to do with race, well the human race maybe.

      One reason there are not more white folks in big time basketball is because many of them get their thrills from the X Box earlier in life. There are not Spalding Top Flite 100’s bouncing in my neighborhood, and there haven’t been in 30 years. Think about this.


  4. says


    I understand what it means to be a natural born citizen, but this, along with the other restrictions for joining the AABA league, very clearly imply Moose’s desire to return to the stipulations once outlined by the “one drop rule.” While not an exact reenactment of such, there is a similar attitude.

    And there’s really no point in mentioning Obama at this point. It’s rather irrelevant to the article, which is about an all-white basketball league. Let’s stick to the topic at hand.

  5. jtx says

    Not show his birth certificate??? Surely you jest? Does that mean he hasn’t made available ANY records of his life’s history??? How do we even have a clue about his background; let alone whether he is a natural born Citizen as required …

    Oh, that’s right – he told us in “his” book. He wouldn’t lie, would he???

    • Phil Butler says

      Hi Jtx, I edited the links your provided not because we do not want you to have a voice and be part of the conversations here, but because as Kristen suggested in answering another comment “Obama is better left to another discussion.” Thanks for reading and voicing your views, really. Please just keep things on topic if you will.



  6. says

    The article takes the metaphor of an imaginary all-white basketball league based in the South and tries to use it to show that the “natural born Citizen” clause is racist. Again using the metaphor, it argues that “sports is about inclusiveness” and that such a league will “tak[e] our nation several steps back…”

    It talks about white people wanting to set up an all-white basketball league. It says that to be a team member, “you must not only be a natural born citizen of the United States, but have a Caucasian mother and father.” The writer considers the concept of such a league to be equivalent to pushing an “elitist mentality onto the nation.”

    In describing the league’s requirement of having to be a “natural born Citizen,” the writer, Kristen, says, “I mean, what does this really sound like, people? Let’s call it what it is.”

    What Kristen does not get is that in order to be a “natural born Citizen,” you must have been born in the U.S. to a mother and father who are also U.S. citizens. I do not see any race or color in those qualifications. Kristen’s article is nothing but a desperate attempt at playing the race card in the Obama eligibility issue. It is a loathsome attempt at that. It is demagoguery at its best and pure race bating. What is the writer saying, that we are supposed to give Obama a pass because he is “black?” The writer should just get over the fact that Obama does not qualify for the Office of President, not because of his race or the color of his skin but because he does not meet the constitutional eligibility requirements which have absolutely nothing to do with his race or color. To try to justify Obama’s holding on to an office for which he is not constitutionally eligible by using his race or color is despicable and itself racist.

    Lastly, if the writer wants to write about anything, she should start by writing about Obama refusing to show his birth certificate to the nation. But then I guess because Obama is “black” he does not have to do that.

    Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

  7. JD says

    ‘Moose’ must be a frustrated ex-player for the Washington Generals. He got tired of losing to all those show-boatin’ Globetrotters.

    Wow, RE-segragation. There’s no “I” in xenophobe.

    This league is gonna be so white, the refs won’t even have black stripes on their shirts.

    Forget the great white hope. In the ABAA there IS no hope.

    Ok enough one-liners. Seriously I think this is a pathetic idea, but if it adctually flies in the southern towns where they’re trying it, I say let it be. By being openly racist, what “Moose” is really saying to me is that he feels that white people can’t compete on a world level and that’s why he needs his own little homogenized pseudo-league.

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