Ace Metrix: London’s Best Ads

Ace MetrixAce Metrix™, a TV and ad analytics leader, has announced a unique Olympic ad effectiveness program. Agencies and brands can subscribe to the new program for viewing Olympic themed ads across many industry niches. (watch the ad at bottom)

“Only a service like Ace Metrix can determine if these ‘realtime’ ads hit the mark.”

Or, at least this is the motto of Ace for this news release. With the 2012 Olympics around the corner, interest in ad effectiveness will obviously be at a fever pitch, sponsors and their competitors wanting to determine course, in real time. Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix, had this to say about his company’s latest innovation:

 “We are thrilled to provide a 360 degree view of ad effectiveness for brands who have invested in Olympic sponsorships and Olympic themed ads. The Olympics are a significant investment for any sponsor, and understanding the effectiveness of that sponsorship is critical in the era of marketing accountability. We are particularly interested in the data regarding the vital emotional elements associated with the Olympics. Understanding how the emotion of such a global event relates to the rational consumer processing that accompanies the vast majority of advertising will be fascinating.”

Reporting the so called “Ace Score” – Ace Metrix has already gotten a head start on evaluating ad campaigns so far. The graphic below, from their press release, shows a bit of how advertisers may be faring before the games begin.

Ace Metrix Ace Scores for ads.

The following “collected metrics” on some 60 Olympic Games commercials reflect more about how Ace Metrix is trying to get a handle on ad effectiveness.

  • Being a sponsor matters. Olympic Sponsor ads are more effective than those advertisers who have Olympic athletes but are not actually sponsors (sometimes called “borrowed equity”).
  • Olympic sponsor P&G has the highest scoring ads to date mainly generated from their “Thank You Mom” campaign – an ad that was in the top 3 percent of all advertising for its ability to emotionally move its audience.
  • Coca-Cola has two top spots with their ads featuring Olympians Shawn Johnson, Jessica Long, and David Boudia.
  • Sega is leading the non-sponsor list with two high-scoring ads promoting their London 2012 video games.
  • TD Ameritrade is a surprise contender with a sponsorship ad featuring Olympian Jonathan Horton that scored 27 percent above the Financial category norm.
  • Visa’s 100 percent emotional appeal is powerful, delivering scores that are 50 to 70 percent higher than the average ad and among the top of the Olympics ads measured to date.

Readers can watch the various ads via Ace Metrix’s “Ad Spotlights” section here. We leave you with the best ad so far before this Olympic games. You will quickly see why. Sometimes ads reveal a lot about us too. Welcome to the Olympics.

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