Achieve Virality with A&E


The full-service digital marketing agency A&E was founded in 2012 and has offices in New York. The agency helps clients grow with various marketing services such as photography, video production, media planning and buying, events, and influencer marketing.

A&E was founded by Alma and Elma Beganovich, two influencers that have over two million followers across all their social media platforms. The agency’s roots are in digital marketing, and when paired with PR coverage, content development, as well as strong SEO strategies, much of the work has gone viral. While plenty of other agencies have had to transition from traditional practices such as radio and TV, A&E was created in the digital era, to help build digital brands.

In fact, the agency itself managed to grow its following to two million organically, which led to many brands and corporations approaching the agency to do similar work for them. To help clients achieve the success they’re looking for, the agency provides a variety of beneficial services.

With the agency’s social media management services, clients can benefit from high-quality content such as photographs or videos with appropriate branding and hashtags that will grow their following. Additionally, companies can receive paid social media advertising campaigns as well as community management. The social media management services are uniquely developed to fit the client’s needs to make the content as engaging as possible for the clients and their audiences.

The influencer marketing services include identifying the perfect relevant influencers for the brand that share the same or similar values and audiences and then develop specific strategies and campaigns to achieve positive ROI for the clients. Companies also receive KPI assessments throughout and after the campaign and reports on all relevant statistics and results.

A&E’s photography services are the perfect way for clients to tell their stories through attention-grabbing visuals. This is a service that employs top talent and professionals, with a focus on virality and memorability to help make campaigns and brands go viral.

The agency’s branding service includes identifying the core value proposition of the company to effectively create and distribute the brand’s story, creating a branding plan specifically tailored for each company, along with branding material for the client, and being consistent in the branding across all channels. Through working with some of the best graphic designers and creatives, the agency is able to create branding that stands out and elevates both the company and its solutions.

A&E also provides clients with event marketing, video production, SEO, media buying, as well as PR services that are all based on best practices and top trends. The main goal of all of these services is to accurately portray the brand and its story to the target audience and potentially get digital virality.

A number of clients have worked with the agency and utilized its successful and beneficial services, including Nestle, Netflix. Bvlgari, Huawei, Wells Fargo, Uber, Johnson & Johnson, Swarovski, and many others.

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