Public Relations/Communication Services Rfp Issued In Missoula

Missoula County is developing a list of qualified firms to provide a variety of communications services to the County on an as-needed basis and to augment its in-house efforts intermittently. Firms are encouraged to submit proposals on all or part of the services listed below.

Missoula County (County) is committed to providing thorough, accurate and timely public information for the general public and the news media. Missoula County’s Communications Office and the communications specialists on staff convey information through the County website, press releases and contacts, public meetings and open houses, e-mail and e-mail lists, subscription services through the County website, social media and direct conversations with residents. Missoula County Communications has initiated a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to develop a list of qualified firms to provide a variety of communications services to the County on an as-needed basis and to augment its in-house efforts intermittently. Firms are encouraged to submit proposals on all or part of the services listed below. The County will select qualified firms from the list as projects arise over the next three years. Firms should indicate which of these services they are qualified to provide and demonstrate their skills and capacity. Services include but are not limited to: project-specific communications services, branding and brand strategy, public engagement process management, video services, professional photography, social media strategy, advertising and media buying, report templates, graphics and creative services.

Scope of Work:

• Project-specific communications services: Development of strategy, key messages and content and to deliver via multiple channels regarding complex and sometimes misunderstood County projects.

• Branding and brand strategy: Development of brand strategy for individual County departmentsor programs that conveys County government’s service ethic and leadership, tells the County storyand contributes to a seamless image County-wide. Includes relationship management planning, community outreach and communication strategy.

• Public engagement process management: Project-specific public engagement process designand implementation.

• Video services: Creation of informational video for County use on the County website and other channels.Professional quality, high production value.

• Professional photography: Capture of images primarily for the County website, including staff photos, project photos and feature photography of the County at work.

• Social media strategy: Design and planning of social media posts that convey information and promote public understanding of County services and tell the County’s story. County departments manage multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Nextdoor and may need occasional assistance to help strengthen a message, convey accurate information, build audience and minimize disruption.

• Advertising and media buying: Ad campaign planning and execution, including ad targeting,design and purchasing.

• Report templates: Design of templates/guidelines for periodic reports to the public.

• Graphics and creative services: Digital-world-oriented graphic design for publications that can stand alone on paper and as website informational pieces. Includes reports, brochures, infographics, illustrations, signage and general design.

To enable the County to evaluate the capabilities of the offeror and its ability to supply the product and/or services specified in this RFQ, the offeror must provide the following:

1. Company Profile and Experience of Personnel 

a. Introductory letter – Statement of Interest 

b. Firm Name, address, and principal contact for this RFQ 

c. Years in business 

d. A general description of the firm including its primary source of business, organizational structure and size, number of employees, and years of experience performing services or supplying products similar to those described within this RFQ;

e. A resume or summary of qualifications, work experience, education, certification, and skills for all key personnel, including any subcontractors, who will perform any aspect of this contract. Include each individual’s anticipated role and years of experience providing services similar to those described in this RFQ.

2. Scope of Services that can be provided 

a. Description of services offered 

b. A detailed description of similar past projects or products provided;

c. The dates the services/products were provided; 

d. The client for whom the services were provided; 

3. Firm Capacity 

a. Provide information about your current and projected workload

4. References 

a. Provide a minimum of (insert number) references that are using or have used the services/products of the type proposed in this RFQ. At a minimum, provide the company name, location where the services/products were provided, contact person(s), contact telephone number, e-mail address, and a complete description of the services/products provided, and the dates of service.

Due Date:

May 28, 2021


Missoula County 200 W Broadway Missoula, MT 59802

Relevant agencies to consider include Magrino PR and Finn Partners.

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