PR Resources: In-Target Audience Optimization for Video

The video advertising platform launched In-Target Audience Optimization, a technology that helps advertisers deliver ads more efficiently to their demographic audiences measured by acknowledged services such as Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings and comScore validated Campaign Essentials. Only 55% of online ads targeting consumers aged 25-49 years reach the right audience according to a recent Nielsen benchmarking study, the rest of them becoming budget waste.


“The past 12 months have seen a rapid shift towards TV-like audience guarantees in digital video, aided by tools like Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings that provide independent verification of impressions by age and sex,” says Andrew Feigenson , Senior Vice President, Ad Platforms and Networks at The Nielsen Company. “We look forward to continuing to work with as they provide buyers with a fresh layer of intelligence that helps them reach the right audience with every campaign and every ad.”

Using a proprietary algorithm to predict audience composition across any publisher, In-Target Audience Optimization allows publishers to select their desired demographic, and provides them instantly with forecasts of their in-target delivery, in-target CPM and TRP estimates.

“The advantage of In-Target Audience Optimization is that it amplifies the effectiveness of Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings and comScore validated Campaign Essentials data for both buyers and sellers,” says Toby Gabriner , President of “In recent beta tests, we’ve seen on average, a 30% lift in in-target audience delivery. That’s an amazing boost and it represents a opportunity for brands, agencies and publishers to significantly increase the value of their media.”

Marketers want to have the best results possible for the tactics they use. Technologies helping publishers to reach their audiences, and sellers to serve relevant ads for their visitors, can only prove to be a necessary step forward in the marketing and advertising industry.

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