How to Refine Ad Strategies on YouTube with Gamers’ Insights



Google Think Insights released a 8 page whitepaper, Gamers On YouTube: Evolving Video Consumption, which offers valuable intel and insight on gamers. The company revealed that 95% of gamers turn to online video on YouTube for entertainment and information, and learning their habits could be a great way to refine advertising strategies on the video sharing network.

The paper, authored by James Getomer, Michael Okimoto, and Brad Johnsmeyer, analyzed anonymized views of gaming content on YouTube in the U.S.. The results revealed general and particular aspects on how gamers behave, and what they value, offering important intel for marketers looking to expand their advertising efforts on YouTube.

Among the findings, the paper reveals that 1 in 3 game video views happened on mobile devices, and that gamers turned to video more during their free time – weekends, and special holidays. On an hourly basis, 32% of views occurred between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM, traditional prime time television hours.

Overall, June, July and August recorded a +17% month-over month growth

The paper identifies 7 types of video content preferred by gamers on YouTube:

  1. Announcement – Brand-released content, first look at a game, 1-3 minutes long
  2. Gameplay Demo – Brand-released content, first look at game mechanics, often debuted at E3, 5-15 minutes long
  3. Launch – Brand-released content, reminder that the game will soon be on sale, 1-3 minutes long
  4. Game Powered Entertainment – Community-created content, funny videos & parodies, less than 5 minutes long
  5. Tutorial – Community-created content, how-to videos, 1-5 minutes long
  6. Walkthrough – Community-created content, gameplay footage, 15 minutes or more
  7. Review – Third-party review, 4-5 minutes long

The data, particularly valuable for game marketers. According to the paper, 82% of console game sales occur in the first four months so marketers need to take full advantage of this very small timeframe to maximize sales. YouTube can be a tremendous tool to achieve important sales goals:

“To engage with gamers meaningfully, game brands must meet them where they’re choosing to spend their time.”

As YouTube users can prove to be important drivers of brand engagement, some of the advice offered in this paper can serve marketers in other industries too, like music, film and entertainment.


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