Video Game Public Relations

No matter what your interest, if you love working in PR, you can find a niche where you can practice your talents for branding and showing all the amazing things your clients bring to the table – and if you love gaming as well, there’s plenty of room to work your magic in this fun and sometimes adventure-filled side of PR.

Crisis PR: Nintendo Taking Heat for Firing Woman


The gaming industry constantly takes heat for how it treats and interacts with women. From online harassment to Twitter threats to shaming and catcalls on other social media, the issue has only caught fire and doesn’t seem anywhere close to burning out. The antagonists in this case are often Nameless Faceless Masses, but sometimes a […]

Which PR Firms Represent the Top Video Game Publishers?

video game public relations

The Video Game industry has an interesting relationship between the public, publisher, and the public relation department facilitating the two. Metacritic ranked the top 8 publishers here, and the rundown of top publishers and firms representing them follows.   #1 Nintendo Recently, Nintendo had shifts in their PR, at least in the U.K. In April, […]

How SXSW Fumbled GamerGate, And What They Must Do Next


GamerGate is not going away, and that uncomfortable fact is something every video game PR agency must consider when crafting a campaign and positioning their messages. This dynamic is no more real than at the South By Southwest Interactive Conference. SXSW, held annually in Austin, bringing together gamers, tech innovators and industry journalists for an […]

Five Friday Startups to Follow

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Startups on the horizon this Follow Friday include; Amazon’s new game studio, a cloud virtualization Technic, Foodbook in the making, Hertz for bike rentals, and an app named Qoture make for a roundup of sure fire interest for geeks and consumers alike. Check out what’s in store by way of inventive genius today.

Angry Birds Now Available on Smart TV’s

Worldwide famous smartphone game Angry Birds is now officially available on Samsung Smart TV’s. There were articles mentioning this huge step forward, but today we have the official confirmation as this tweet says, in Spanish “Hello, TV. Farewell, evil pigs.”