Guild Wars 2 PR Strategy: Attracting Fans with Play-before-release Feature

The highly anticipated Guild Wars 2 offered fans who pre-purchase the game before last Saturday, a unique way to enjoy the game. The “play-before-release” is included with other Pre-Purchase exclusive bonuses. There is also a Collector’s Edition available, offering “a feast of both physical and digital treasures worthy of a true fan.”

Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition

Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition (Image: Guild Wars 2)

The game is set to release tomorrow, August 28, but fans who pre-purchase one of the pro-packages (which start at as low as $59.99) can already play it. The new edition of Guild Wars remains free-to-play, with no monthly subscription fees, but up front fees vary depending on the version each user wants.

The play-before-release feature attracted massive media attention, boosting sales and generating tremendous public good will. The game has an active social media presence, where users who already tried the game can report errors, ask questions, and engage with other game fans, sharing technical issues they encounter during the game, asking for advice, and so on.

As a popular social game, Guild Wars 2 is even more community focused than before. New features make the game even more interesting: the game continues to change even when players leave the game, and action players can change the game for the entire community. Basically, players find an ever-changing world every time they log in. Competitive play in Guild Wars 2 is easy to learn, but offers challenges for new players and hardcore PvPers alike.

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