Angry Birds Now Available on Smart TV’s

The worldwide famous smartphone game Angry Birds is now officially available on Samsung Smart tvs. There were articles mentioning this huge step forward, but today we have the official confirmation as this tweet says, in Spanish “Hello, TV. Farewell, evil pigs.”

What could be considered a global phenomenon, Angry Birds now has the potential to get even bigger – gesture controls and voice interaction on smart TV, the first sets to run it without the need of a separate box or device.

The game is available on the Samsung TV Apps portal and is available for Samsung’s 000/8000/9000 Smart TV models. It seems that Rovio has plans to launch its games on consoles in the coming months too.

The new gesture-based controls and their integration with wide TV sets offer a different game experience. Also, they allow users to play from the comfort of their sofa, enjoying a great time with their family – or a fun way to relax when alone at home with nothing interesting to watch on TV.

The fact that Angry Birds is a free game surely has something to do with the number of users. For those wanting the game on Smart TV the good news is that this app is also free. Given the games popularity, I expect many of those owning such TVs to download the game and play it as it is a completely different experience, enhanced by the new features. Let’s not forget how many people use console games – I too have a Wii and I like it ;) – and the fact that companies struggle to continuously come with new games and playing accessories goes to prove that playing games with the TV as a screen is a trending activity among people of different ages all over the world.

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