Advertising RFP issued By Alamo Colleges District

The purpose of this CSP is to solicit proposals for the purchase of marketing and advertising campaign services with media buying services for the Alamo Colleges District, inclusive of all its individual college locations.


The Alamo Colleges District was established as a public community college through a public election in 1945. The District operates as a political subdivision under the laws of the State of Texas. A nine-member Board of Trustees is the governing body of the District. The Trustees are elected locally to six-year staggered terms by Bexar County voters. The Chancellor, the District’s chief executive officer, guides and implements the program and policies of the Alamo Colleges District.

Alamo Colleges District serves the educational needs of Bexar County and surrounding communities through its colleges and educational centers. The Alamo Colleges District, a comprehensive two-year system, is dedicated to providing quality education and workforce training to the people of Bexar and surrounding counties. The District includes five institutions that are separately accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). The Colleges provide:

• university transfer programs

• developmental courses

• workforce education programs 

• adult literacy courses 

• technical programs 

• continuing education 

• community services 

• academic courses for certification and associate degrees 

Student enrollment for the Spring 2019 semester was 58,803 students. Students are taught by highly qualified faculty, generally with Master’s and Doctorate degrees, committed to creating a learning centered environment. Student services include counseling, computer labs, and tutoring, financial services, services for the disabled, developmental instruction, veterans’ services, and job placement.

The Alamo Colleges District includes five Hispanic-serving Institutions and one of the nation’s only institutions that is both a Historically Black College and a Hispanic-serving Institution; the nation’s third largest producer of Hispanic nurses; and Texas’ largest provider of online postsecondary education. A vibrant international program brings Central American teachers to San Antonio for advanced education while affording students and faculty the opportunity to travel to all regions of the world. Alamo Colleges District has been a leading recipient and distributor of Pell Grants (federal financial aid) in Texas for several years.

The Alamo College District’s Central Office is located at 2222 N. Alamo St. in San Antonio, Texas. Alamo Colleges District is composed of five colleges: Northwest Vista College, Northeast Lakeview College, Palo Alto College, San Antonio College, and St. Philip’s College to include the Southwest Campus. The Alamo Colleges District also has satellite locations and small remote locations in New Braunfels, Floresville, and Kerrville, providing limited student services.

Scope of Work:

A. Scope of Work: The Alamo Colleges District is seeking proposals for marketing and advertising services to assist with the following: promotion and extension of the Alamo Colleges District brand, collaborative strategic marketing objectives and assistance with media selection, production and message consistency. The awarded firm should demonstrate experience in demographic research and market analysis to assist the Alamo Colleges District with implementation of the most effective communication and marketing strategies for reaching its target audience. 

B. Statement of Work: 

1 Media Planning 

1.1 Assist in local media pre-campaign and post-campaign research to determine message quality and effectiveness.

1.2 Conduct market research including surveys and focus groups at a minimum of every four years for the purpose of, but not limited to:

1.2.1 Determining need, desired outcome and brand perception.

1.2.2 Identifying opportunities for improving the student experience, as it pertains to advertising response.

1.2.3 Preferred methods are face-to-face, phone and email.

1.3 Consider the following key performance indicators:

               1.3.1 Fall student headcount 

1.3.2 Fall contact hours 

1.4 Reference demographics and psychographics for media plan:

1.5 Develop creative concepts for broadcasting and narrowcasting in the following languages:

.5.1 English 

1.5.2 Spanish 

1.6 Develop and execute marketing strategies and materials for the purpose of, but not limited to:

1.6.1 Enhancing the Alamo College District’s identity, mission, vision and values

1.6.2 Increasing overall enrollment rate

1.6.3 Increasing enrollment rate of first generation, underrepresented, and underserved students

1.6.4 Improving retention rate 

1.6.5 Increasing enrollment in high-demand, high-wage occupational programs

               1.6.6 Increasing participation in AlamoPROMISE, dual credit and other high school programs

1.6.7 Increasing awareness and outreach to service area middle school students

1.6.8 Expanding awareness of educational and community service offerings

1.7 Develop and execute marketing strategies to expand target market within and beyond the following Texas county service areas:

1.7.1 Atascosa

               1.7.2 Bandera 

1.7.3 Bexar 

1.7.4 Comal 

1.7.5 Guadalupe 

1.7.6 Kendall 

1.7.7 Kerr

1.7.8 Wilson 

1.8 Develop and execute marketing strategies for the following target audiences, including but not limited to:

1.8.1 Adults (18-34 years old) 

1.8.2 Continuing Education

               1.8.3 High School Students 

1.8.4 Middle School Students 

1.8.5 Hispanics 

1.8.6 Military and their families 

1.9 Conduct yearly photography and b-roll video shoots across the Alamo Colleges for the purpose of updating marketing assets.

1.10 Develop advertisement materials to promote consistent branding across the Alamo Colleges through the following media, including but not limited to:

1.10.1 Billboard

1.10.2 Direct Mail

1.10.3 Digital/ Internet 

1.10.4 Magazine

               1.10.5 Newspaper

               1.10.6 Radio 

1.10.7 Social Media 

1.10.8 Television 

1.11 Develop one set of (2) English and (1) Spanish ads per year for general enrollment. Also, develop additional spots for initiatives as needed.

1.12 Alamo Colleges District will maintain online toolkit. Offeror will assist with building this item.

1.13 Engage in biweekly meeting (i.e. phone/video conference or face-to-face).

1.13.1 Possess the ability to maintain 24-hour response time for conference/consultation requests – Monday through Friday; 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (C.S.T.), except for designated Alamo Colleges District holidays and closures, as stated in [Attachment #]. 

1.14 Master brand our system with full adherence to brand guidelines while promoting the unique character of each of the Alamo Colleges District campuses and extended locations:

1.11.1 Northeast Lakeview College 

1.11.2 Northwest Vista College 

1.11.3 Palo Alto College 

1.11.4 St. Philip’s College 

1.11.5 San Antonio College

1.11.6 Alamo Colleges District Support Operations

1.11.7 Brackenridge Education & Training Center

1.11.8 Eastside Education & Training Center

1.11.9 Central Texas Technology Center

1.11.10 Greater Kerrville Center 

1.10.11 Harlandale Education & Training Center

1.10.12 St. Philip’s College – Southwest Campus

               1.10.13 Westside Education & Training Center 

1.10.14 Workforce Center of Excellence

1.12 Provide high-level input on web design to provide for cohesive brand experience.

1.13 Research geographic, demographic, or other characteristics to identify new areas of opportunity for targeting prospective students and expanding target market.

1.14 Research and complete a competitive analysis report, identifying media approaches, designed to reach target audiences.

1.15 Develop positioning statement for the Alamo Colleges District.

2 Media Buying 

2.1 Broadcast and narrowcast through various media, including but not limited to:

2.1.1 Billboard and Other Outdoor 

2.1.2 Direct Mail 

2.1.3 Digital/ Internet

2.1.4 Magazine 

2.1.5 Newspaper 

2.1.6 Radio

2.1.7 Social Media 

2.1.8 Television 

2.1.9 Event Sponsorships 

2.2 Develop a detailed media plan and provide estimate with scope of campaign to include but not limited to:

2.2.1 Dates and Times 

2.2.2 Cost per Mille (CPM), Viewable Cost per Mille (vCPM) or Cost per Click (CPC) for each medium (if applicable)

2.2.3 Deadline to submit final artwork to the Offeror for distribution

2.2.4 Estimated gross media impressions based on identified target audiences and desirable media approaches (if applicable)

2.2.5 Locations 

2.2.6 Media outlets

               2.2.7 Spotted map for outdoor media 

2.3 Distribute all media files to contracted media outlets. 

2.3.1 The Alamo Colleges District will have final approval of all recordings and voiceovers.

Due Date:

April 2, 2020


Alamo Colleges District

Purchasing and Contract Administration

Re: Purchase of Marketing & Advertising Services

CSP # 20A-009

Reception Desk

2222 N. Alamo St.

San Antonio, Texas 78215

Agencies worth considering include Hunter PR and Magrino PR.

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