Making a Trustworthy Name in the Aging Care Industry

Making a Trustworthy Name in the Aging Care Industry

In the aging care industry, the reputation of being a trustworthy organization is vital. When families research facilities for their loved one, they will choose the one that ensures the well-being of its residents is top priority.

The goal becomes developing a positive reputation and building trust through good public relations.  Here are some PR strategies to utilize:

Unique Care

Evaluate and determine which service you offer that others in your industry do not. Make this service known to the public by relating true stories of the exceptional manner your residents are cared for. This builds trust with your target audience.

Blog on Your Website

Blogging engages those searching your website for what your company has to offer. Your blog can include a calendar of upcoming events within the facility. Additionally, inject true, inspiring stories of those in your care, and offer expert advice to readers who are caring for an aging person at home.

This builds trust with readers as they recognize the helpfulness of your organization in the community and concern for those not yet in your care.

Connect with the Media

Select someone in your organization with leadership and authority to be your company spokesperson.  Contact the media. A journalist will be agreeable to interview and quote an official of the company. Your local talk radio station might welcome your representative on air to discuss the services of your company and to give expert elder-care advice.

Hold an event and invite the media. Look at the possibility of allowing some of your residents to speak at the event about the quality of living there. Invite the media to attend the event.

Social Media

Use social media to communicate your high level of care by assigning someone on your staff to post regularly.  Some ideas to post are exceptional employee highlights, upcoming activities, hiring needs, pictures of activities and events at the center, and again, professional advice.

Public relations is necessary for the reputation of your facility. Create a PR plan to display the integrity of your company by communicating about the quality of care you provide.

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