AGT Communications Group Expands in North America

Vyacheslav LashchevskiyLast week AGT Communications Group, representing the interests of PROI Worldwide, announced the further expansion of their communicative brand with the addition of Walker Sands Communications (Chicago) and 360 Public Relations (Boston) as the newest members of the group.

Walker Sands, founded in 2001 and owned by Mike Santoro and Ken Gaebler, offers public relations across the traditional and digital landscape. As for 360 Public Relations, Laura Tomasetti’s company is one of Boston’s top two communications firms, with clients including; Groupon, Hasbro, J.P. Morgan, Disney Publishing Worldwide, etc.

PROI Worldwide, established in Europe back in 1970, is one of the world biggest partnerships of independent PR agencies. PROI employs about 3,200 people in more than 100 cities of more than 50 countries. The client roster of the group is extensive, to say the least, with 4,400 served in literally every sector of business imaginable.

In other recent news from AGT, Vyacheslav Lashchevsky (at left), Chairman of the Board of Directors, spoke at a key Russia meetup; “Producing in the Era of Attention Economy: How to Tell Your Story”, the international conference mirroring and organized along the lines of the Moscow PR Days XVII International Festival. During the meetup Lashchevsky had this to say about the emergence of PR in Russia:

“The national ranking of communications agencies is a very important indicator of condition and development vectors of of Russian communications sector. I am sure it will be first of all interesting to the consumers of communications services. The work on developing the ranking has almost completed, and the final results will be drawn by the PR Specialist Day in July 2013”

For more information on this news readers should visit the original release from AGT. Those interested may also want to connect with the group via Facebook or Twitter.

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