The purpose of this request for proposal is to identify a fully integrated marketing communications firm (“Agency”) that will work with ADECA to conduct outreach and increase awareness of the Alabama Counts! 2020 Census campaign (“Alabama Counts!”) by incorporating the Alabama Counts! Messaging Guide and Logo which have already been developed and are attached hereto.


The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs was created by the Legislature as an arm of the Governor’s Office in 1983. The enabling legislation for the department is codified in Title 41, Chapter 23 of the Code of Alabama, and many of ADECA’s duties are delineated in this chapter. The ADECA Director is a member of the Governor’s Cabinet and serves, along with the Deputy Director, at the pleasure of the Governor. The Legislature established ADECA to streamline and professionalize the management of a number of federally-funded programs administered by the state.

Scope of Work:

The anticipated scope of work will require that the Agency:

·         Develop advertising copy and slogans around Alabama Counts!

·         Produce television, radio, digital/social media, and billboard ads featuring state officials and other well-known Alabamians

·         Target ad buys on television, radio stations, and websites with high popularity in Alabama

·         Target billboard ads in areas with low 2010 response

·         Develop digital media campaign featuring ease of filling out the census form, including, but not limited to:

                                o Paid boosting of content on Alabama Counts! social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat)

                                o Bumper ads for YouTube, Pandora, Spotify

                                o Develop tailored content for ADECA and the Alabama Counts! Committee to share on social media

·         Produce Alabama Counts! materials to be distributed by ADECA, members of the Alabama Counts! Committee and other partners

                                o Develop social media content tailored to hard-to-count audiences

                                o Develop posters and other informational materials targeted to nonprofit agencies, governments, libraries, schools and faith-based groups

·         Present status reports at scheduled meetings of the Alabama Counts! Committee

The selected marketing communications firm will be required to demonstrate its ability to work in all communications channels – traditional media and digital, paid and nonpaid, promotions and events – in addition to providing an effective long-term strategic platform and flawless marketplace execution, all at a competitive cost to ADECA. The estimated time frame for this proposal will start on July 11, 2019 and continue through August 31, 2020.

Due Date:

April 26th, 2019


Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs

Community and External Affairs Section

Attn: Mike Presley

401 Adams Avenue

Montgomery, Alabama 36104

Relevant agencies include APCO Worldwide and W2O Group.

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