Alabama State Department of Education Request for Proposal RFP ALSDE 2024-01 MARKETING CAMPAIGN FOR TEACHERS Alabama State Department of Education COMMUNICATION DIVISION

Deadline: Proposals must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. on January 4, 2024

Request for Proposal (RFP)

RFP ALSDE 2024-01

Alabama State Department of Education,


Section 1.00 Administrative Overview

1.1 Purpose and Background


The purpose of the RFP is to solicit competitive, sealed proposals to establish a contract for marketing services to promote teacher recruitment/retention, and public education statewide.

The ability to promote the benefits, plans, and programs teachers can receive in Alabama in an effort to attract the best and brightest educators possible is essential. Nothing has a greater impact on the educational outcomes of a student than the caliber of their teacher. For educators who want to remain in the education field, as well as people who are contemplating education for a career, outreach is critical.

The desire is to reach existing and potential educators, as well as tout the programs and initiatives of the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) in an effort to improve public perception, as well as promote and elevate the noble profession of education.

This statewide/regional effort is expected to reach a diverse audience in every possible demographic group that may have an interest in staying or delving into public education. The outreach desired will be consistent with the image and style of ALSDE branding, and will include, but is not limited to, the following:

• Internet/Online and Other Electronic Marketing: Targeted ad campaigns utilizing electronic media including but not limited to social media, music, audiobook, and professional training platforms, email newsletters, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, native ads, remarketing, video ads, and geofencing marketing.

• Recruitment Materials: The production of tangible materials (example: lanyards, pens, notepads, lapel pins, etc.) giveaways for recruitment purposes.

• Broadcast Television: The production of 30 second/one-minute commercials for use on major broadcast networks, and online television platforms (Hulu, Prime, Spectrum, etc.)

• Targeted Marketing: Billboard. Radio, and television recruitment efforts specifically targeted towards Alabama’s Blackbelt region, recruiting diverse populations.

• Target Career Changers: A focused effort to recruit middle-aged individuals who may be exploring post-career options or changing careers midstream.

• Billboards: To optimize premium visibility, traditional billboards at strategic streets and intersections in major cities and near prominent venues around the state.

• Radio: From 30 second/one-minute advertisements to possible sponsorship on a diverse variety of radio broadcasts, the radio campaign needs to reach wide audiences with positioning on multi-cultural radio platforms, and be available both in English and Spanish, depending on the primary audience of the station.

• Print Media: Both online and physical versions of print media will be used – particularly those with an emphasis on education, parenting, housing, health, and community.

• Marketing Merchandise: ALSDE collateral, including but not limited to apparel, promotional items (mouse pads, pens, wristbands, etc.)


Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day is not only our department’s motto, but a guiding philosophy about the work that we undertake on behalf of the 740,000 children who enter into our public schools every day. Our guiding philosophy is that every child should be afforded every chance to succeed in school and, thus, make wise choices every day leading to success in career, family, and life after high school. Indeed, from the first day of kindergarten all that we do in K-12 schools is designed to empower students through education, to open new opportunities and widen horizons, and, ultimately, to help them to use knowledge and experience to make wise decisions.

Our aspiration is that with our support, all children will seize the opportunities, rise to the challenges, and overcome any barriers in their way. In order for the ALSDE to meet the challenge of supporting every child, every chance, every day. We must recruit the best and brightest educators to teach in all areas of the state. From the most rural communities to urban and suburban areas – excellent teachers make a significant difference in the educational experience our students experience.

A successful marketing campaign will bring into fruition two fundamental results: 1) an increase in the number of highly qualified people wanting to receive or maintain a valid Alabama teaching certificate.

2) An increase in the favorable perception that the public has of both the input into public education, and the outcome of public education’s product – students who are prepared for life after high school.

The ALSDE has an established Style Guide, complete with imaging/branding specifics. Within the framework provided by the Style Guide, a marketing firm will have the talent, skills, and ability to create new, attention-grabbing advertising that informs the public of programs and initiatives that will improve the quality of work for educators and the quality of education for students.

Section 2.00 Scope

2.1 Scope of Vendor’s Work and Responsibilities

• Work with ALSDE Communications staff to reach the goals of increased awareness and perception.

• Raise program awareness statewide with an emphasis on ways to improve teacher recruitments and retention.

• Maintenance (delivering content, responding to comments) of all social media accounts related to this education promotion.

• Existing ALSDE branding and adherence to the ALSDE Style Guide name will be used in this marketing campaign.

• Use of media (social media, television, billboard, radio, newspaper, magazine) to outreach statewide

• Goods, services, and delivery of ALSDE items.

• Increase the number of people seeking certification to teach in Alabama.

• Develop materials to promote to all Alabama communities (including African American, Hispanic and Korean populations.)

• Create techniques to help the ALSDE promote and enhance existing programs.

• Responsible for providing updates on engagement and outreach efforts to potential candidates.

2.2 Scope of Alabama State Department of Education’s Work and Responsibilities  Specific responsibilities of the ALSDE are stated below:

• ALSDE Communications staff will work closely with the vendor to facilitate marketing and promotion that enhances existing programs and recruits/retains educators.

• Coordinate marketing locations and dates with awarded vendor.

• Information for services will be provided by the Communications section of the ALSDE.


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