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The State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources is seeking an Integrated Social Marketing Campaign.


Alaska has one of the highest non-commercial boating fatality rates in the nation. Fatality statistics reveal that most boating fatalities in Alaska are cold water related drowning following a capsizing, swamping or fall overboard, and the persons involved were not wearing life jackets. Of those, by far the highest demographic for loss of life are adult male power boaters, who are the least likely to wear life jackets and are highly resistant to doing so.  The Pledge to Live campaign was designed to raise awareness and affect behavioral change, specifically increasing voluntary life jacket wear within the target population with the intended purpose of reducing fatalities. The campaign has been in place for several years.

Scope of Work

Pre-campaign planning:

The Contractor will develop a strategic, statewide marketing management plan including goals, objectives and performance measurements, for approval by the Client.

Campaign delivery – media placements and execution:

Place media with vendors based on the approved plan using previously developed campaign materials and any new materials developed by the Contractor (and approved by the Client). Perform initial buys and ongoing coordination with all media vendors and the Client regarding placement, and reporting / documentation (e.g. proof of run, cost per impression, analytics, earned media, make-goods, billing, and payments).



Prepare and provide a written campaign management plan to the Client for approval. The plan will include goals, objectives, and performance evaluation measurements, strategy and process, a media strategy including both urban and rural distribution using an integrated media approach (e.g. television, radio, print, internet), in a way that targets the intended audience, optimizes media coverage and opportunities for engagement during peak run periods such as Safe Boating Week, and leverages media dollars spent for partnerships and additional earned media coverage.


Deliver the campaign. Provide any new advertising materials to the Client for approval. Place media with vendors, purchase and oversee media buys, manage accounts, compensate vendors, and then invoice the Client. Prepare and maintain accurate media distribution and financial records and supporting documentation.


Conduct a post campaign evaluation and provide a written evaluation report to the Client including a summary narrative of the Contractor’s activities by project phase, costs, media distribution records, proof of run, description and value of any earned media, any other Contractor or campaign performance measurements (e.g. public comments, news media or other inquiries received, web page analytics) and any Contractor recommendations for the future of campaign.

The parameters of the 2017 campaign are:

  • Statewide reach
  • Target audience – Primary – Adult females. Secondary – Adult male boaters
  • Target population – Adult male boaters
  • Radio -30-Second pre-recorded spots and / or scripts, provided or approved by the Office of Boating Safety • Television -30-Second pre-recorded spots provided by the Office of Boating Safety
  • Print and online ads – approved by the Office of Boating Safety
  • Run dates May 1 through September 15 2017, with the heaviest concentration during:
    • May 20 – May 29 (inclusive of Safe Boating Week May 20-26)
    • June 26 – July 4
    • August 25 – September 15

Proposal due by March 24, 2017 to:
Support Services ANC Admin Suite 1230
550 W. 7th Ave.
Anchorage, AK 99501-3564

APCO Worldwide and Burson Marsteller would appear to be naturals for this.

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