Ami Mesika Makes World’s Most Expensive Tequila Bottle

When one talks about the power of marketing, luxury usurps all other categories. Whether cars, watches or clothing, often times the luxury space exceeds one’s wildest dreams. Clearly, with the advent of a multi-million dollar bottle of alcohol that is the case.

Ami Mesika bottle

The Ami Mesika bottle – courtesy the creator.

Ami Mesika, an International entrepreneur recently revealed he had made the world’s most expensive tequila bottle ever – priced at a whopping $3.5 Million dollars. And if one wonders what can make a bottle so expensive – of course it is all about the diamonds. Apparently, the bottle is 3.6kilo of platinum with 6,400 diamonds appearing on the bottle. Previously, the World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Tequila in the Guinness Book of World Records is a (mere) $225,000 for a platinum and white gold tequila bottle in 2006.

Maybe Putin & Obama will be able to accomplish peace talks if they’d have a bottle like this in front of them? One wonders who’d actually buy such a bottle – but indeed with marketing and bragging rights, sometimes things don’t always make perfect sense.

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