AMW Public Relations: Company Profile


The full-service media communications firm AMW Public Relations was founded in 2008 and has offices in New York and Miami. The firm has a strong entrepreneurial spirit while being big enough to easily take care of complex tasks, and small enough to be detailed and careful in its approach.

The goal of AMW Public Relations is to create a firm that encourages creativity in all the work it does for clients, which is why the team consists of people that have the drive to innovate while keeping the bottom line of the clients.

Those reasons are precisely why so many brands have decided to work with AMW Public Relations on their communications strategies during important moments for those companies.

Additionally, AMW Public Relations has several practice areas, including publishing, real estate, mining and commodities, politics, consumer brands, medical and healthcare, public advocacy, corporate and financial, and hospitality. For each of those practice areas, the firm has a dedicated PR professional that’s creative, smart, and resourceful that has experience in those industries.

The firm also aims at solving potential challenges for its clients along with creating strategies that will help those clients in successfully getting their key messages to the target audience. That’s why the team works closely with each brand from day one, to ensure the public perception is and remains positive throughout the messaging.

AMW Public Relations offers a number of services to its clients, including media relations, or clients that are looking to build a base of positive media coverage through traditional PR practices, in print, broadcast, or digital, which can help in solidifying the brand as an industry leader. 

The firm also provides crisis management through online reputation management for brands that have received negative coverage in the public that can impact the company’s reputation, and therefore, bottom line. AMW PR works with media outlets, editors, and lawyers to provide positive coverage, and remove any incorrect information which drowns out the negatives.

Additionally, AMW Public relations also provides media training that helps brand spokespeople develop effective skills to get their messages across to the media and the public in a positive light.

It also has thought leadership development through creative messaging and ghostwriting where the PR team develops creative storylines and messages with a team of writers that produce high-quality written work ready for publishing in relevant outlets. It also helps brands integrate strategic campaigns through radio and media tours, panel discussions, or on social media platforms, where the brand can nurture, develop or expand its credibility in the industry.

There is also an event planning and production service where the firm plans and executes attractive and captivating events, with pre, during, and post-event coverage in the mainstream outlets. This service works great with the firm’s talent booking and influencer outreach services, where the team connects its clients to many influencers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, or other notable people, to work together with the brand on campaigns or appear at brand events.

There are a number of brands that have put their trust in AMW Public Relations’ expertise, such as The Real Deal, Pace Glass, Petroteq Energy, and many others.

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