Apple Pumps $30 Million into its Racial Equity and Justice Initiative

American Tech Giant Apple has reaffirmed its support for its Racial Equity and Justice Initiative with new financial commitments worth $30 million. Its newly unveiled efforts are emphasized by new projects like increased opportunities for learning for HBCUs, its Global Hispanic Serving Institution Equity Innovation Hub, increased funding for social organizations fighting for environmental justice and criminal justice reforms, as well as other initiatives.

The new commitments by Apple are to support programmers, amateurs, students, and advocacy groups. Apple intends to enable these individuals and groups on a path towards improved justice and inclusiveness across the world. Amongst other commitments the company made is an increased drive to support education in Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

The tech giant has also announced a reboot of its Apple Entrepreneur Camp initiative. The camp is a haven for developers though this edition is for the Latinx/Hispanic community. Apple had previously donated $100 million to its Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, making this new commitment the second investment it has made in REJI. The ultimate aim of REJI is to improve access to equitable education and justice solutions for all.

Historically about 60% of students at HBCUs and HSIs are Black or Hispanic. These demographics are the primary target of Apple with its REJI program. Its drive is to support the upcoming students and smoothen their path to becoming innovators and leaders in the tech and business world. Apple wants to eliminate all the structural barriers to the success of students from minority groups, and to end racism and promote equality for all.

The tech giant thinks fixing imbalances and creating an equitable system in the world is a vital issue. Progress must be made for the benefit of all. Apple believes their initiatives will support tomorrow’s innovators and leaders in launching their businesses from the ground up and encouraging them to innovate freely. Their monetary support for NGOs and advocacy groups is meant to back their drive for societal justice.

The California State University is collaborating with Apple to kick off the tech giant’s Global HIS Equity Innovation Hub. The initiative is a partnership between the CSU, the state of California, and Apple, which will be working together with HSIs across the US to provide facilities for students. Students of all minority backgrounds are targeted for support to develop their abilities to prop them to land decent jobs upon graduation.

California’s State University is the major site of Apple’s initiative, and it will receive support from Apple in the form of the company’s technology products as well as support on demand. Programming based on equity will launch because of the partnership between Apple and the state of California.

Nearly a dozen other schools will also benefit from Apple’s HBCU initiative to enhance creativity and programming skills in different communities across the country. Apple’s hardware is often prominently featured in these programs.

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