Apple TV, Will It Finally Catch on as the Next Big Thing?

Apple TV

Apple TV lets consumers play Internet content on their widescreen TVs. Basically, anything that can be seen online can now be shown on your television set. This includes popular Internet destinations like YouTube and Flickr, and of course, the ever popular iTunes titles.

Today, there are even reports that Apple TV may be close to reaching an agreement with CBS and Disney. Since the Disney channel is one of the most popular cable network channels, it makes sense that other channels will soon follow suit.

There is even speculation that Apple TV may be able to effectively compete with, or even replace, the cable television market. They would be able to compete by offering Apple TV owners a subscription for popular shows.

Of course, Apple TV has been around for a while. The first devices originally shipped in 2007. At first, there were complaints that it didn’t work with older TV sets, that only iTune formats could be viewed, and that there was no DVD player. Other users complained about difficulties navigating the menus.

With the growing popularity of high definition TV and the growing library of titles in iTunes, the first complaints have been largely dealt with. The Disney/CBS deal ought to help alleviate any complaints about available titles. The second complaint, that of menu usability, was obviously addressed when Apple redesigned the main menu for Version 3.0.

Here are just some of the posts from bloggers who are speculating about updated Apple TV device and the new agreements with CBS and Disney:

It would seem that there are few, if any barriers, that would keep Apple TV from becoming the next “big thing.”

If true, this could revolutionize the television industry. If something like this happens, we shouldn’t be too surprised. We’re basically living in a period where all traditional media is being turned upside down as technology advances.

Will Apple TV change television as we know it (much the way the cable networks changed television in the 1970s and 80s)?

Only time will tell for sure, but since media always evolves to fit the latest technology, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

What do you think? Will Apple TV have a revolutionary impact on television?

Leave your answer in the comments.

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