Arizona Office of Tourism Issues Marketing RFP

Internationally consistent and collaborative marketing to promote and advertise the uniqueness and marketability of the State of Arizona.


OT’s domestic advertising strategy includes media collaborations with national publications, along with marketing efforts in Target Cities, Spring Training and In-State marketing campaigns. Advertising efforts consist of a diverse media mix including print, television, out-of-home, digital, mobile, PPC, retargeting, video, consumer activations and social media executions. The campaigns reach a national audience with an emphasis in three primary targeted cities: Chicago, San Francisco, New York and two secondary – Minneapolis and Seattle.

Scope of Work:

The Office of Tourism is chartered to promote and advertise the uniqueness and marketability of the State of Arizona, not only within the borders of the United States, but internationally, as a “great place to work, live and play”. Research shows that for every $1 that the Office of Tourism spends on domestic advertising, $32.75 is generated in state and local taxes. Marketing internationally in a consistent and collaborative manner can provide an even greater return on investment to Arizona. The recommended supplier, The Corporation for Travel promotion (Brand USA), is a result of public private partnership (P3) initiative by the federal government, as early as 2009, resulting in the Federal Travel Promotion Act of 2009.

Established in 2011 Brand USA’s sole purpose is in support of the US Department of Commerce, the NSA, and its members, who are corporations in hospitality, state entities and governments to promote the United States as a premier destination for international travelers. They are the only organization with the charter to be a destination marketing organization for all of the states

Additionally, part of their charter is the deployment of border security awareness, by delivering consistent information to federal departments such as homeland security. This initiative for Arizona will deliberately focus on Canada, Mexico and China. In particular, China whose population has stabilized, has experienced an unprecedented growth in income per family, thereby enabling greater ability and desire for travel. Arizona, which is the home of the Grand Canyon as well as a multitude of other natural attractions, is viewed as a premier travel destination. This is the only entity that can offer the full range of state specific destination marketing with a full discipline of states interest in one offering.

Due Date:



Relevant agencies include Makovsky PR and Zeno Group.

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