Austin, Texas Issues Communications RFP

Austin, Texas Issues Communications RFP

City of Austin, Texas is seeking an agency to handle Branding, Creative Services and Communications Strategies for Flood Safety Awareness and Education.

Tasks to include to:

Provide branding and a “look” for the City of Austin Watershed Protection Department’s flood safety awareness and education initiatives with the goal to provide clear, accurate information about the dangers of flooding and steps that can be taken to protect lives and property.
The goal of this creative services initiative is to provide a distinctive brand architecture that combines the message, look, and digital and print identity of flood safety awareness and education, so it is unified and consistent for a clear communications and recognizable brand strategy.
The contract will be used by the City’s Watershed Protection Department. The City reserves the right to allow other City Departments to use the contract.


Central Texas has a long history of flooding and will continue to flood because of topography, weather patterns and the combination of rocky soils, steep terrain and very intense rainfall.
In fact, flash flooding is Austin’s most common weather emergency. All floods can be deadly, so it is critical that current residents, and visitors are aware of the dangers that flash floods pose, especially along roads and trails.
As reported by the U.S. Geological Survey: “It is apparent that a community can deal effectively with the threat of flooding only to the extent that its citizens have a clear understanding and retain an awareness of flood hazards…The public’s memory of flood events is short. Thus, a continuing education program related to flood hazards and how to cope with flooding should be implemented.”
The City of Austin currently has several flood safety messages and digital resources. These include:
• “Save Yourself! Turn Around – Don’t Drown.” The campaigns emphasize that devastating floods can occur even during periods of drought, encourage personal responsibility for one’s own safety and emphasize that living in a floodplain can be a significant risk. Turn Around – Don’t Drown is used by the National Weather Service, area broadcast meteorologists and others. The flood safety information is associated with
• provides updated information on road closures due to flooding.
• ATXfloods Alerts! A subscriber service that notifies the public of road closures due to flooding and rapidly rising creeks within the city limits. provides information about flooding in Austin and allows people to check to see if they live, are buying a house, etc., in or near a floodplain.

Scope of Work

• Creative services experience; including community-focused strategies and incorporation of features that provide metrics of effectiveness.
• Design, and branding experience, layout, and production of marketing collateral to include both general templates and specific custom pieces. These may include but are not limited to: PowerPoint slide decks, online and print brochures, flyers, reports, and direct mail pieces, etc.
• Electronic marketing communications including web-based and e-newsletters

Due Date June 13, 2017
Address Purchasing Office
Conference Room
124 W. 8th Street, 3rd Floor
Austin, TX 78701

Texas PR firms include Edelman PR and Ketchum PR.

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