Automotive and Mobility PR from Bianchi PR

Established in 1992, the public relations and communications agency Bianchi PR has offices in Troy, Michigan. The company works with auto tech startups, global suppliers, mobility organizations as well as engineering services firms around the US and the world. The agency is also partnered with over 50 other agencies worldwide, through the Public Relations Global Network, which is a global platform for PR that provides clients with local PR expertise on a global basis.

Through the years, Bianchi PR has rightfully been titled as the top Detroit PR firm in automotive, tech, mobility, and other related professional services companies in the B2B industry. The goal of the agency is to work with clients of all shapes and sizes in working out which techniques, issues, trends, events, and strategies will best impact the clients’ companies.

The team at Bianchi PR does this by closely working with and learning about the clients’ businesses, their objectives as well as the industries at large. Then, the team is able to create a personalized PR program that’s going to help the client achieve the desired PR and communications results. Aside from being PR professionals, many of the team members have also been trained as journalists, which means they can help the client by utilizing different platforms to tell the company stories.

Bianchi PR also works hard to create and nurture strong relationships with relevant members in various industries, including journalists, bloggers, editors, industry analysts, academics, as well as consumers, to help clients build their businesses. The agency provides its clients with a variety of services that help with brand development, brand awareness, and communication with audiences, all to improve the client’s bottom line.

The company’s services include creating custom PR strategies and tactics that are smart, realistic, and targeted, with excellent execution. The team can also help clients with earning positive media coverage in relevant and trusted media outlets. This can greatly help both the reach and the credibility of a company’s story, as the agency provides things such as press releases, media training and interviews, media briefings, press kits, media events, and more.

Next, Bianchi PR provides clients with social and digital media support, by identifying which platforms and outlets are best suited for the client, and which ones will be most helpful in meeting their business goals. The team also helps in monitoring, understanding, and utilizing the right platforms that will make for more connections and amplify the company’s story.

Bianchi PR also has content creation and thought leadership services, which are incredibly helpful when creating or adapting a company’s messaging to fit each platform and each audience segment. This can help position the client as an industry expert and generates more brand recognition, which is done through speaking engagements, media interviews, and other types of industry visibility activities.

For those reasons and the other services that Bianchi PR provides, plenty of brands and corporations have worked with the agency in the past, such as BASF Automotive Refinish, SAE International, Johnson Controls Power Solutions, Valeo North America, and many others.

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