Awara Sleep vs Nest Bedding

The Nest Bedding Truth

While Awara Sleep sells a quality mattress with a host of similarities to its competitors, their advertising and marketing find cleverly-placed omissions of the truth about Nest Bedding and other competitor’s product, in order to weave a very FAKE news headline that gives Awara products the on-page advantage it doesn’t always or perhaps ever deserve. 

Nest Bedding believes that the consumer has the right to 100% of the product knowledge 100% of the time. So, we decided to dissect the claims that Awara Sleeps makes on their website to give you the entirely transparent and completely open-book truth. Awara Sleep makes claims without telling you the full story, offering ALL the facts, and sometimes simply making up fantasy product knowledge about its competitors to give the illusion of Awara superiority. 

Nest Bedding believes in the products it creates and sells.  We know the truth about our product and we can speak to that. Below, we deconstruct Awara’s claims about Nest Bedding (because we do not know anything more about Awara’s product than what they claim and don’t pretend to) next to the truth of our Nest Bedding simply to give you the full, transparent picture that you deserve. Happily, in breaking down Awara’s false claims, we are more and more excited to spread the word about Nest Bedding and feel even more confident than ever that our mattress is the right mattress for you. 

Awara Claims (content taken directly from their website)

  • All that being said, it feels like Awara is the obvious choice. Not only does the Awara mattress match every certification (and then some) of the Nest, Awara also has great design and support. The Awara mattress measures at an amazing 13”, that’s 4” of organic latex, and 9” for our pocketed coil system. Conversely, the Nest Bed only offers 11.5” total. While they do have 5” total of latex, they split it up into three different layers, and we aren’t convinced that they all work together in the same way that a solid layer of latex might.

The Nest Bedding Truth

The statements above do not describe any of our mattresses. Our All-Latex mattress is 11.5” yes, but features 9” of latex in 2 layers, but are they comparing their Hybrid Latex to our All Latex? Those are a completely different style of mattress and can’t be compared to each other. Our Latex Hybrid is 12.5”.

Awara Claims

  • Now let’s break down the price: again, Awara feels like the clear winner. The price for a Queen size Awara mattress is only $1,199. On average, a hybrid mattress that matches these materials, with great customer service and a Forever warranty is going to run you upwards of $2000. That’s exactly how much this mattress is going to cost from Nest Bedding. A Nest Bedding Queen size Hybrid Organic Latex mattress costs $2099 on their website. That’s a huge difference, literally over twice as much!

The Nest Bedding Truth

The big difference here is that this Awara mattress is not fully organic. They are comparing their price to a mattress that is 100% organic from top to bottom. Of course, there is going to be a price difference. They use some organic materials in the top of the mattress, but the rest of the mattress is not certified organic, including the latex. That’s why they got their latex “rainforest alliance certified” to make it sound better because it’s not certified organic. If Awara was truly comparing to the most similar mattress, it would be our Natural Hybrid Latex, which has certified organic components and non-certified organic components, like this one from Awara. The cost of our Queen size Natural Hybrid Latex mattress is currently $1,199.25. Awara alludes to their mattress being organic, but they never come right out and say it’s certified organic because it isn’t. This is called “greenwashing” where you intentionally mislead regarding how organic your product is. 

Awara Claims

  • Returns: The Nest Bedding is similar in that it also offers a Forever warranty. They do have an extensive list of dos and don’ts on their website of ways in which it does or doesn’t apply. It’s worth looking at before making your purchase. You must submit a photo or short video that documents whatever issue you’re experiencing before they will address your warranty claim.

The Nest Bedding Truth

Awara’s “forever warranty” is pretty vague on their site. In reaching out to their service team about their warranty, they responded “With our lifetime warranty, if you experience any defects such as significant sagging or structural breakdown due to the manufacturing process, we will either repair or replace your mattress at no cost to you.”

Nest Bedding’s lifetime warranty is exactly the same. Nest Bedding’s lifetime warranty covers any defects outside of normal wear. We address your warranty claim immediately and naturally, we want to know the specifics of what the issue is to note if there was a problem somewhere during the manufacturing process so that we can address it. So, yes we request a photo. A photo seems like a fair trade-off for sending you a new mattress.  

Awara Claims

  • Free Shipping: Both Awara and Nest offer free shipping for their mattress. For both companies, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees at all.
  • Free Returns: Awara is all about simplicity. If you’re unhappy with your mattress at any point during the 365-night trial, you’re able to return it at no cost to you. It doesn’t even have to be that you’re unhappy, it could just not be the right fit. Not only that, we’ll work with you so that your mattress can be donated or disposed of locally. Taking the time to return takes almost no effort whatsoever, you can contact our Customer Support team with a phone call and we’ll start the process.
  • Unfortunately, the Nest mattress doesn’t make things so easy. On top of the fact that this is an abbreviated time period with which to try it out (only 100-nights), they make you keep the mattress for at least 30 days or suffer a 25% restocking fee. They also have other rules and regulations that need to be followed by the letter or you risk not getting a refund. It feels confusing to us.

The Nest Bedding Truth

If you slouch and have bad posture for years and then a doctor has you wear a device that straightens your spine and forces you to sit straight, stand up straight, and have the correct posture, you will likely feel stiff and sore. Having the correct posture is obviously much better for you and will keep you healthier and more comfortable in the long run, but initially, you’ll probably feel sore and uncomfortable because your muscles are not used to it. The same can be said about switching from an old, worn down, unsupportive mattress to one that offers the correct support. It takes some time to adjust sometimes. 

Our goal is to get you on the right mattress that gives you the best sleep and get you sleeping comfortably the first time, not have you play mattress roulette, which is not a fun experience for you. So yes, we ask that you let your body adjust to the proper support for 30 days before you initiate a return or exchange to ensure you’ve given your body time to adjust. We make it as easy as possible for you to do a return, but it’s still a hassle to return a mattress, have to find a new one, and continue sleeping on your old mattress. You could have been on the perfect mattress and not known it because you didn’t wait for your body to adjust. We have and do make exceptions sometimes on this 30 day adjustment period on a case by case basis.

Awara Claims

  • Mattress Setup/Removal: Both companies offer mattress setup delivery services and removal services on their website. Awara is upfront about the cost — it’s $149. Nest Mattresses obscures the price, simply saying that you need to email them for more details to use their White Glove service. It’s just an added step that Awara doesn’t have — making for a more simple, straightforward experience.
  • Night Trial: This is really where the Awara distinguishes itself as something special. The Awara mattress allows you a trial of a full year to sleep on it and figure out if it’s right for you. That’s a trial period born out of supreme confidence that they have a great bed, and as soon as you start sleeping on it, you’ll feel that way too. It’s no secret why: the way it is lovingly crafted with superior materials means that you’re going to get a great night sleep, no matter what time of year it is.
  • The Nest mattress has considerably less time to make that decision. Not only is it just a 100-night trial period, those nights actually start the day your mattress is delivered. They also have a strange requirement that you keep your bed for at least 30 days before you return it. If you do so before that time, they’ll charge you 25% for a “restocking fee.” That just strikes us as odd.

The Nest Bedding Truth

A 365-day trial is very unnecessary. You will know with certainty within 100 nights if the mattress is a good fit for you. ‘100 nights’ is much less likely to slip your mind when your trial is ending because it’s still in the forefront of your mind. Trying to remember to initiate a return a year from now is no easy feat, and unless you are hyper-organized we are all apt to forget. 365 nights might seem great (because, yet again, more is better with Awara), but you don’t need it and it stands to work against the customer much more effectively. You’ll know much sooner than that if you found the right bed. Nest Bedding mattresses are so clean and safe that you can sleep on them the same night you get them. Why wouldn’t we start the trial the day you receive it? 

Awara Claims (Hybrid Designs)

  • The Nest Bedding Hybrid Organic Latex mattress (phew what a mouthful) is Nest Bedding’s closest analog to the Awara, so that’s what we’ll compare here. Their hybrid mattress is similar in construction, though they forego a deeper comfort layer to add something called a “transition layer.

The Nest Bedding Truth

Our Natural Latex Hybrid is actually most similar to Awara, as it contains certified organic and non-certified organic components, just like the Awara. Awara’s latex is Rainforest Alliance Certified. That means it’s harvested in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, but that’s not the same as certified organic. Certified organic latex is certified to be clean and free of chemicals and contaminants, and is much more expensive, which is why they forgo it.

Awara Claims (Latex)

  • Nest Bedding uses GOLS-certified Dunlop latex, but they only use 3” on their top layer, as opposed to the Awara’s 4”. It might not seem like a huge difference, but think of it this way — it’s a quarter deeper on the Awara.

The Nest Bedding Truth

Since Awara is choosing to compare to our certified organic hybrid, let me mention again, that our mattress is certified organic from top to bottom. Awara’s mattress is not, and most importantly, their latex is not. 

We have been making mattresses since 2011 and our experience in the industry has taught us some things. A good mattress counterbalances pressure point relief with support. You need both. Too much of one without the other can create problems with your sleep even if laying on the mattress initially feels comfortable.  

Our mattress also features 4 inches of latex, 1 layer being a denser support layer to achieve proper support while also providing ample pressure point relief with the top feel layer. 

This denser layer also prevents the coils from pushing through and you feeling them through the feel layer as your mattress breaks in over time. Awara hasn’t been making mattresses very long, and their lack of experience shows in their design.

Awara Claims Again (Latex Layer) 

  • Nest Bedding has instead chosen to divide its latex layers into two separate areas. The top layer is a softer Dunlop layer that’s 3” thick, while the underneath layer is a harder 1” “transition” latex layer. That might sound like a good idea at first, but having a top layer of less firm latex might lead to a less durable mattress than one that has one solid layer.

The Nest Bedding Truth asks that you note the previous section. The same dishonest claim, just reworded 

Awara Clams (Euro Top)

  • While the Nest mattress doesn’t totally negate the top layer, it is decidedly less luxurious. They only offer a .5” certified cotton wool batting instead of a full-on Euro Top. It’s an interesting move considering that most of the other layers seem like they’re made with gratification in mind. It’s not bad, it’s just not as comfy or heat-wicking as the Awara.

The Nest Bedding Final Truth

When something is good, that doesn’t always mean more is better. Life is about balance. We’ve let our experience in the industry guide the right amount of cushion to put on the top of our mattress to get the pillow top feel just right. If you overdo it, you can actually trap additional heat in the top layer, and that top layer will also compress and become flat over time. Our top layer is cozy and soft, without trapping heat, and it won’t compress and flatten over time. Did I mention we also use certified organic fibers?

Being one of the first bed-in-a-box companies, and certainly the first to focus on healthy and eco-friendly mattresses, Awara is attempting to “enhance” tried and true designs that we pioneered years ago. It seems they’ve gone for the “if some is good, more must be better” mentality. The problem is, our mattresses have been thoughtfully designed to strike the perfect balance between softness, pressure point relief, and support. Adding additional material in places doesn’t enhance the mattress, it simply throws the balance off that we have already achieved. 

Additionally, we recognize that comfort is subjective and that different types of people with different types of bodies need different types of sleep solutions. We offer multiple mattresses made of different types of materials. Our mattresses also have multiple firmness options to suit each type of sleeper AND we can switch out the firmness for FREE during your 100-night trial if you decide you need something firmer or softer. Several of our King size mattresses can have split firmness so that couples can each have the firmness that suits their needs. Awara takes a one size fits all approach. I can say with confidence from being in the mattress industry for as long as we have that, one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to beds. 

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