Promoting Beauty Products on Social Media


Social media and the beauty industry go together like lipstick and mascara. Together, attention grabbing, intriguing and virtually unstoppable. Promoting beauty products online can effectively harness the share power that social media platforms provide in order to successfully market, create product awareness and to highlight the best features and benefits of make-up and other beauty products. Everyone desires a nice appearance. Making it easy for consumers to see why they should buy certain products, and that their peers are enjoying them inspires product loyalty and increases sales.

Facebook Fan Page:

Fan pages were created exclusively to reign in the community-wide site and to share the “like” aspect of using Facebook. By creating a separate area for individuals to list and share “likes”, the pages can successfully promote products by providing samples in order to expand their consumer base. 

Website and Blog:

Unlike Facebook, a company’s website and blog are not as restricted and limited when it comes to marketing. Organizations can easily share reviews, relevant information and images respective to each product.

Online Beauty Product Reviews:

Peer beauty product reviews are an essential factor in capturing and converting sales. Product reviews are advantageous for three reasons:

  • Reviews correlate to product confidence
  • Online, reviews increase SEO, search engine optimization; and
  • Even negative reviews are good – they give authenticity to a product

Banner Ads:

Depending on the platform, banner ads can be easily placed, or may require partnering with a marketing company to manage a certain campaign. Banner ads are beneficial because they provide access to potential shoppers outside the regular scope of business and effectively use online search engines to target the correct customers.


E-mail promotions can ultimately cost more, yet sending direct information to a prospective buyer’s in-box with the right product, at the right time is a sure-fire way to convert shopping carts and gain sales. Promoting beauty products via e-mail is particularly lucrative in the fall and holiday seasons when consumers are overwhelmed with shopping lists and need to save time by purchasing online. 


Promoting beauty products via YouTube has the advantage of consumers being able to watch product demonstrations, beauty transformations and create product desire. Moreover, YouTube posts are diverse and can clearly take a beauty product and make it appealing to an incredibly vast audience.

Promoting beauty products over the Internet is an intelligent and necessary approach to endorsement. With numerous marketing outlets and opportunities, companies get to enjoy remaining competitive with other, similar beauty products available on the market. Finally, social media has changed the way consumers decide what to buy; it has been lucratively successful for suggesting products based on networking, celebrity recommendation and for visually demonstrating the number of peers encouraging each transaction.

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