Beckerman PR: A New Jersey Mid-Size Independent

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Who is Beckerman PR?

Beckerman PR is an independent PR firm headquartered in Hackensack, NJ, with additional offices in New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco. Michael Beckerman founded the firm in 1988 and continues as Chairman, but has turned over the day-to-day running of the firm to his partner, Keith Zakheim, CEO.

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Mr. Beckerman recently announced a new entrepreneurial endeavor, at The News Funnel, a website gathering all the news and information about real estate and presenting it in a personal fashion to members. But without joining the site you can still see real estate news happening in your local area, in the nation, and what’s most popular.

That’s not a bad transition for Mr. Beckerman either since Beckerman PR has one of its primary areas of business in real estate communications. Other areas are professional services, legal marketing, and public affairs – and another area covered by their wholly-owned subsidiary, Antenna Group in San Francisco – clean technology public relations.

They have a staff of over 60 employees and more than 100 clients on their roster – although this remains a small-minded firm, for the right type of client they can be the right choice.

CEO Zakheim actually sent the entire staff an email at one point threatening to fire the next person who didn’t replace the milk (for coffee) when it was all gone.

The email was tongue-in-cheek but showed a sense of comradery among the crew. Of course, he wouldn’t fire someone over that, but it was a reminder to the group to pull their weight.

Beckerman PR offers help with strategic positioning, branding, digital content, thought leadership, stakeholder relations, external communications, and issue advocacy.

Some of their clients are Jersey City Medical Center, Triple Five, Advance Realty, ING, Brandywine Realty Trust, Pulte Homes, Tucker Development Corporation, and Woodmont Properties.

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Who is Antenna Group?

Antenna Group was acquired by Beckerman in 2010, but they continue to operate under their original name, branding, and with separate leadership. But bringing Antenna into the Beckerman practice, who had a clean tech PR team already, created a dominant, clean tech PR firm.

Antenna Group was founded in 1996 and works with clean technology companies who focus on areas such as smart grid, transportation, finance, water, chemistry, green building, energy efficiency, energy storage and management, renewable energy, biofuels, and green building.

Some of their clients include Ceiva Energy, Ecoppia Solar, 3M Corp., iWallet, Brains Way, Quan Energy, NanoH2O, Wegowise, Novvr, and Case Western Reserve University.

This is a firm that does good work for some, not good work for others – yet is a solid mid-size New Jersey independent.

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