5ivepoints Partners with Beckerman to Enhance Mobile App Brand

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For its new client 5ivepoints, Beckerman seeks to increase brand awareness and position its executives as industry thought leaders in mobile application development. Based in New York City’s Five Points area, 5ivepoints’ mobile app helps political campaigns leverage social media platforms to identify, locate and engage voters, raise money and deliver election campaign messaging or achieve advocacy goals with access to phone lists, voter lookup, geolocated walk-lists, register voters, check-in at events and more.

5ivepoints Founder, Laurence Zuriff describes the timeliness of it’s mobile app technology.

“The ability to successfully integrate voter identification and outreach with social media platforms and advanced mobile technology has fundamentally changed the way political campaigns are run in the U.S. and around the world,” Zuriff explained. “Most elections now rely on the ability to utilize the best technology in order to organize events, disseminate messages and connect with voters.”

Of the 5ivepoints Beckerman partnership Zuriff explains:

“We have selected Beckerman to help us highlight the innovative nature of this mobile app because of their extensive experience implementing integrated communications programs at the intersection of technology and public affairs.”

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