Bell Pottinger’s Neil Stockley Joins Hydra Strategy as Partner

Bell Pottinger's Neil Stockley Joins Hydra Strategy as Partner

2018 is emerging as a year of growth and progress for many PR companies so far. One of the most recent organizations to see changes occurring in their network is Hydra Strategy – a senior only consultancy which began launching only a year ago in 2017. Hydra Strategy recently announced that they are appointing a former MHP and Bell Pottinger Public Affairs directly, Neil Stockley to the role of “partner” – effective immediately.

Neil Stockley sets himself apart as a PR agent with years of experience in the energy sector. Stockley also has more than thirty years of experience working with the political scene and public policy across New Zealand and the UK. Up until now, Stockley’s clients have been wide-ranging and diverse, including National Grid – one of Europe’s biggest renewable energy generator. Stockley has also been working alongside renewable investors, solar operators and energy retailers during his career.

Notably, Stockley also held onto a position in-house for Arqiva. During this time, he was responsible for implementing and developing political communication policies supporting smart meter activities for the infrastructure and media group.

A Positive Move Forward for Neil Stockley

Stockley obviously benefits from a strong background in the PR world. He’s a former policy director with the liberal democrats, and he also spent some time acting as an executive assistant to the former Prime Minister of New Zealand – David Lange.

In a discussion about the new position taking place for a press release, Neil Stockley noted that Hydra had proven its ability to juggle some of the best strategic practices with hands-on implementation in recent years. Stockley announced that he is thrilled to be joining the team today and looks forward to contributing to an already impressive group of PR agents. Both Stockley and Hydra hope that he’ll bring a new dimension to the PR services offered by the firm.

According to the managing partner for Hydra, Stephen Benzikie, Neil is a fantastic addition to the staff and a “heavyweight” among policy and public affairs practitioners. As the environmental and energy sectors of the UK continue to face a range of regulatory challenges and reputation issues, Hydra is thrilled to bring Neil on board to lead strategic and integrated communications for such an important sector.

About Hydra Strategy

From its location based in Grosvenor Street, Mayfair in London, Hydra Strategy is earning a solid reputation for its ability to offer senior-only execution and board-level advice across various areas of the corporate communications landscape. The company focuses on delivering exceptional support to communications directors and CEOs alike.

Hydra is bringing together some of the most experienced communicators in the world to deliver state-of-the-art integrated programs led by consultants with decades of experience. Services offered by Hydra feature support for financial systems, corporations, IR, public policy, brand strategy, change communications and employee engagement. The organization also offers a full range of digital communication strategies – including solutions for social media marketing. Hydra is sure to continue growing in the years ahead.

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