Ben and Jerry’s new podcast


Brand activism is not always about PR stunts. With the pandemic deeply affecting people’s mental health, consumers want brands to play a more active role in their well-being. Consumers also believe that brands should make a statement about important political and environmental issues. A thorough understanding of the expectations of consumers is now more important than ever. When Ben and Jerry’s was founded in 1978, Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen, its co-founders, made activism an intrinsic part of the fabric of the brand. Since then, the brand has been actively campaigning for social causes. From using fairly traded sugar in their products to making sure that their workers get a living wage, the brand has been taking stands to create a better world. They have taken a similar approach to their new podcast, “Into the mix’ which was launched on the 23rd of February.

An inspiring podcast

This podcast aims to inspire artists and activists all around the world. The title of the podcast is ‘Into the Mix: A Ben and Jerry’s Podcast about Joy and Justice’. It is hosted by author Ashley C.Ford and will feature notable cultural figures who will talk about how they have used their influence to bring about social change. The first episode features musician and activist John Legend. He speaks about voting rights, the prevalence of racism in the criminal justice system, and his efforts to destroy racism at the local level. Future guests include singer, poet, and activist Patti Smith, and environmentalist Bill McKibben.

The team

For this project, Ben and Jerry’s has teamed up with Vox Creative. Ashley C.Ford, the host, has a background in racial equity work. The production has been carried out by Black-owned ABF Creative. ABF Creative is famous for creating content for children aimed at multicultural listeners. Their storytelling is narrative-driven, and the episodes deal with diverse stories. Messaging that is relevant to the evolving realities of challenging times will be developed by the team.

The content

Ben and Jerry’s may be the sponsor of the podcast ‘Into the mix’, but that does not mean the listeners will have to listen to conversations about ice cream. This is the second podcast of the brand. Their first podcast, “ Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America” deals with institutional racism in America. The second podcast does not restrict itself to one issue but is like an entire platform for the brand. The brand will have ads in the middle of the program, but will not dictate the script or the content of the program. The brand just intends to develop a strong connection with its customers by focusing on a shared set of values. Art and music have been inherent components in movements for social change. This podcast celebrates the inseparability of art, culture, and activism on the long journey to justice.

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