Ben Barnes Group Hired By Arms Dealer To Locate Missing Libyan Billions

libya ben barnes

American lobbying firm The Ben Barnes Group, which is headed by Ben Barnes, the former Speaker of Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, who is perhaps best known as the top John Kerry fundraiser has been tapped by a shadowy group to help locate tons of money which allegedly belong to the Libyan people.

Barnes is being paid $50,000 per month according to recently filed FARA Documents to help locate assets which may have been hidden by former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.  It has been reported that billions may have been stolen by Gaddafi during his rule of Libya.

Barnes’ client is an organization called “The National Board for the Following Up and Recovery of Libyan Looted and Disguised Funds”, which is apparently headed by Mohamed Belgasem Tag, Douglas Keith Foree & Erik Goaied – whose principal address are listed in these forms as Prime Minister’s Office, Libya. City Press, one of South Africa’s largest newspapers has referred to Erik Goaied as an arms dealer.

Barnes details the assignment as seeking “to influence United States policies concerning suspended or frozen assets of Libya within the United States and to strengthen the inter-governmental relations between the two nations.”


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