Bevel PR: Unique PR Approaches

Founded in 2017, with offices in New York and Santa Monica, Bevel PR is a public relations and communications agency that helps clients define what success means and looks like for their businesses. This is an agency that can align communication with business objectives by developing a unique message that can permeate global markets, connecting with audiences and stakeholders alike. Bevel PR is committed to working with clients’ brands to build longstanding and reputable businesses.

The company was founded because the team felt there was a gap in the PR industry. That was a gap that the agency could fill by combining SEO, digital media, events, and traditional communications approaches that are able to build and launch brands through meaningful introductions to any market.

The team at Bevel PR understands that the public relations industry gives them an opportunity to work with creative, smart, and talented people across many different industries and markets. That’s why each team member helps clients meet their goals through media, strategy, building brands, finance, and developing long-standing valuable relationships.

At Bevel PR, clients can get a customized communications plan that’s uniquely designed to drive success for their business, and benefit from the team’s specialization in a variety of communication areas. The agency provides personalized communications solutions for clients of all sizes, mainly in the real estate, financial, and professional services industries. With the team’s help, any business will be able to build its brand and articulate its mission to the audience, stakeholders, employees, and other relevant industry members.

All of those reasons, and more, are why Bevel PR provides its clients with a variety of communications services.

With the help of the media relations service, clients can connect with the right analysts, reporters, bloggers, and analysts that will understand their business and share their perspective. Next, the digital and social media strategy can help businesses drive success through engagement with those who matter most to the business – whether that’s wealth managers, CROs, traders, or back-office technology users.

There are the corporate and the financial communication services, where the agency provinces a full range of marketing and corporate communications that build and maintain a company’s reputation and navigate current business environments by responding to regulatory challenges and using thought leadership campaigns. The creative content and production service is best utilized with clients that are in need of video production, apps, social media updates, and generally creating interactive communications campaigns.

Next, the visual branding service is for clients that are looking to catch the attention of prospects n memorable and creative ways, through consistent messaging and materials that can be used across channels. Finally, the crisis and issues management services are for businesses looking to stay ahead of a crisis through strategic preparation, as well as navigating negative situations in a way that minimizes the impact in reputational damage.

Plenty of businesses have worked with Bevel PR and benefited from these services, including, but not limited to Acorns, Iris Nova, Blocktower, Greycroft, Nav, Secfi, Mammoth, Lex, and Torch Capital.

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