Boise Schools Issues Marketing Research RFP


Boise Schools Issues Marketing Research RFP


Parents and children in Boise face an ever-growing number of educational choices — charter schools, private schools, homeschooling and online options abound. While the Boise School District remains the primary school choice for the vast majority of our current and future customers, the ongoing efforts by the charter school movement, voucher supporters and pro-privatization organizations continue to chip away at the confidence in traditional public schools, as well as pose serious budgetary threats.

To ensure the Boise School District has the information needed to create communications that will attract new customers and retain existing customers, a thorough, professional examination of the current market is needed. Data gathered through research will be used to drive branding, advertising and public relations efforts across the community.


We are a district of more than 26,000 students and employ 4,300 people, of whom 1,700 are certified staff. In the district, there are 33 elementary schools, 8 junior high schools, and 5 senior high schools. We offer a variety of specialized programs, including Montessori, Dual Language, Classical, International, Harbor, Full-day and Highly Gifted programs at elementary, to the Treasure Valley Math and Science Center, Dennis Professional-Technical Center, and the state’s preeminent Advanced Placement program at the secondary level.

Boise School District students continue to outperform the state of Idaho on standardized achievement tests in every subject. The percentage of students reading at grade level on the Idaho Reading Indicator and scoring proficient on the Idaho Standards Achievement Test continue to surpass Idaho results.

Our students outperform Idaho and the nation on standardized tests, college entrance exams and Advanced Placement testing. Our college-going rate continues to increase (topping 60% in 2016), and we have more students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math than in any other area.

Scope of Work:


  • A comprehensive view of the educational landscape in Boise
  • Cohesive, Comprehensive and Targeted Messages
  • Targeted Messages for Individual Programs
  • Well-Defined Constituencies & Demographics
  • Clear Opportunities & Threats

Due Date:

May 24th


Boise Schools

Purchasing Department

Attn: Scott Engum

8169 West Victory Road

Boise, ID 83709

Schools with education experience includes Hunter PR and DKC PR.

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