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A boss is a boss – you know, that figure you don’t want to see in the morning, especially on a Monday morning. The boss is also the last you want to see on a Friday – or else, your weekend might be ruined… A boss is not always a popular figure, and yet, in the United States, they do celebrate a National Boss Day every October 16. In fact, they inspired international response, and today, the Boss’s Day is also celebrated in Australia, India, South Africa, Ireland and the UK.

It all started in 1958 with Patricia Bays Haroski who registered the “National Boss’ Day” with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. At the time she was working as a secretary for State Farm Insurance Company in Deerfield, Illinois. Can you guess what made her to register such an unusual holiday, specifically on October 16? Simple: she forgot that the birthday of her boss, who was her father, was actually on the 16th. The National Boss’ Day was officially proclaimed four years later by Illinois Governor Otto Kerner.

As odd as it seems, the holiday eventually got popular. In 1979 Hallmark released a Boss’ Day card, and today, the holiday is celebrated more avidly than ever. It is an opportunity for the media to run editorials featuring the best bosses, it is an opportunity for the employees to court their bosses with a gift or two.

This year, October 16 is a Sunday, so the US doesn’t miss the opportunity. They celebrate the Boss’s Day today. The media offers a number of suggestions on how to celebrate: making a special video for the boss, or sending an e-card. I say, let the champagne flow!

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