Branding Agency Needed By Downtown Oxnard Business Improvement District

The Downtown Oxnard Business Improvement District (DOBID) is a recently renewed Business Improvement District which was approved by an overwhelming vote of the property owners in July 2019.


The special benefit services funded by this BID include maintaining security, cleanliness and order in the public rights of way, improving district identity, running the website, serving the corporations’ administrative needs and advocating on behalf of the areas property owners, business owners and residents. The function of the BID is also one of an organization that seeks to improve the overall appearance, building, office, retail and related residential mix and public space improvements within the district. The DOBID is requesting proposals from a creative agency to manage the District’s brand identity development and website design. The selected contractor shall work with and attend, at a minimum, all monthly District Identity Committee meetings and work closely with the Chair of the Committee.

Scope of Work:

1. Brand Identity Development The chosen creative agency will work with the District Identity Committee to propose a cohesive brand strategy to the Board of Directors, which shall include:

a. An underpinning argument for the identity and nomenclature.

b. A short selection of potential wordmarks/logos for the district.

c. A color palate drawn from the logo/wordmark that supports the brand.

d. Sample articulations of the brand across various relevant media (digital, stationery, apparel, signage, social media, etc.).


a. Assign an account manager to DOBID contract. 

b. Manage and create content for a minimum of 3 social media platforms (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

c. Post several times a week on each platform and engage/respond to fans/followers.

d. Manage ad buys on various platforms based on a budget set by DOBID.

e. Leverage fans/follower numbers on various platforms to create a monetized opportunity for post or story ad sales that fit the brand of DOBID.

f. Participate in a regular call, based on DOBID’s staff availability, to review various platforms successes, provide analytics and propose needs for improvement.

g. Create a recap report for District Identity Committee and Board Meetings.

V. TERMS AND CONDITIONS a. The DOBID must own and have full access to and have the rights to customize site code. b. Terms of proposal:

1. Proposals should be addressed to Marco Li Mandri, City Manager Consultant and advisor to the DOBID.

2. Proposals must be submitted as a PDF to by 3:00 p.m., Friday, October 2nd , 2020.

3. All proposals must include a statement of authorization to bid by a principal of the responding firm.

4. Bidder status: bidder must disclose any relevant conflicts of interest and/or pending lawsuits.

5. Proposal must include items listed under “Proposal to Include” (below).

6. No proposal, with attachments, shall be over 10 pages in length.

VI. PREFERENCE FOR LOCAL COMPANIES The DOBID Board prefers, however does not require, local companies (including Ventura and Santa Barbara County) to bid on this proposal. The Board will consider any and all applications.


a. Executive summary: 

1. Qualifications and experience: relevant case histories with screen shots and links to design and formatting examples.

b. Break-down of cost by production hours, tools, functionalities and potential additional annual/maintenance fees or service charges of social media and the website.

c. Resumes of all who will work on the account. 

d. Professional references. VIII. Submittal of Proposals 3 All bids should be submitted in in PDF format to – No later than 3:00 p.m. on October 2nd , 2020. Please ensure that all bids are addressed to: The Downtown Oxnard Business Improvement District c/o Marco Li Mandri, City Manager Advisor to the City Manager for the Downtown Oxnard Improvement Association 2011 W. California, San Diego, CA 92110 IX. Contractor’s Representations The Contractor(s), by submitting a bid, represents that: 

a. The Contractor(s) has/have read and understands the contents of the RFP information pack and the bid is made herewith.

X. Award of Contract The award date of the contract is anticipated to be sometime in November 2020. The DOBID Staff or Board reserves the right to accept, amend, reject or completely alter the use of a private contractor in this RFP process.

Due Date:

Friday, October 2nd , 2020, 3:00 p.m.


The Downtown Oxnard Business Improvement District c/o Marco Li Mandri, City Manager Advisor to the City Manager for the Downtown Oxnard Improvement Association 2011 W. California, San Diego, CA 92110

Ruder Finn and Finn Partners are agencies to consider for this assignment.

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