Brands That Drive Gender Equality Forward

Quite a few brands have female-focused initiatives that empower women leaders.While Some brands fail to support women in their boardrooms and factories, others tackle gender inequality well. Some organizations prioritize equality. A company that promotes gender equality will be positively received. Women make the majority of household purchasing decisions, and hence, gender equality makes good business sense. The brands mentioned below have taken action to end gender disparity in the workplace.


Gap is not only a great place to work for all genders,but they practice and promote gender equality in all aspects of their business. They have partnered with the US Agency for International Development on a program called Woman + Water, aimed at improving the health and well-being of women and communities in cotton-growing communities in India. These women receive education and training on important topics such as negotiation, communication,  sanitation, and hygiene communication.


Bumble takes women’s leadership and growth seriously. Female employees have sit downs to discuss their career trajectories every few months, and are encouraged to work flexible schedules that meet their needs. This works very well for working mothers, who can earn more and stay on their career tracks when given flexibility in the workplace. The company also gives a monthly wellness stipend


More than 30% of Etsy’s engineering team is female, which is a remarkable feat. They are committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. 81% of their sellers around the world also identify as women, creating jobs for themselves while adding value to their communities. For their female employees, their offerings include neutral parental leave policy, adoption and surrogacy assistance, and mental health days. Etsy develops programs to lessen bias and ensure fair hiring processes.


Hilton is a leading player in the promotion of gender equality. They have been awarded Employer of Choice for Gender Equality. They pledged $100,000 to the Ladder Up campaign, which was intended to promote the position of women in leadership roles within the hospitality industry. Hilton women also have access to resource groups and executive networking events. They also benefit from  flexible work schedules at all levels, which makes sure that everyone has a well-defined trajectory as far as their careers are concerned, no matter what their circumstances.


Deloitte has a gender equality strategy called ‘Inspiring Women’. This strategy ensures gender pay equity through regular analysis and action. They also have a program called ‘Aspiring Women’, a 12-month development and career acceleration program for high-potential women. For mothers, Deloitte offers six months of paid maternity leave, lactation facilities, backup childcare, and a New Parent program.

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