Black-owned brands to support during Black History month

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With the arrival of Black History month, people want to support black-owned companies. This year the theme for Black History Month is Black Health and Wellness. Social distancing regulations have affected Black business owners . They have had to navigate a new way of serving their customers and handling the challenges of keeping a business afloat. Given below are some Black businesses that are extremely popular among consumers.


Briogeo products are made with natural ingredients, and are designed for a wide variety of hair types and textures. Nancy Twine, the founder, started this hair care company with beauty recipes from her grandmother and a team of chemists. Today, Briogeo has grown into a comprehensive haircare brand that includes eight product lines and lots of loyal fans. Twine is committed to clean ingredients, and her products are available at both Sephora and Ulta. Shoppers can also purchase the products at the brand’s website.

Hanahana Beauty

Hanahana beauty is an all-natural skincare and wellness brand that is set to disrupt the global beauty industry through sustainability, transparency, and accessibility. They aim to increase transparency in all aspects of what they create, from the fair sourcing of their shea butter to the responsible people working with them.

Oui the People

This brand was launched in 2015 by Karen Young. Her personal care brand, which started as a single-blade razor, was launched with an intention to change the conversation women have about their bodies. Her line has expanded since then, and the brand has proved that a grooming brand can exist on modern terms, with a foundation of inclusivity rather than a quest for perfection. It is one of the top 10 most -searched beauty brands in the United States. The brand’s razors have garnered waitlists of thousands of people. The brand has banned words like perfection, flawless, and anti-aging, and spreads the message of body confidence.

Pattern Beauty

This celebrity-owned hair care line from Tracy Ellis Ross is designed for curly and coily hair. The brand also sees itself as an active space for uplifting authentic beauty. Ross spent over ten years perfecting the range in order to create a collection that empowers women with curly hair. Each product is labeled to let users know which products work best for coils, curls, and tight textures.

Agrestal Beauty

Emilia ramos, the founder of Agrestal Beauty, wanted to craft skincare products that work for all women, inclusive of age, race, gender identity, and ability, and empower them to embrace individuality and self-love. The brand advocates for women to begin their own mental health and self-love journey. Each product has daily affirmations on each of the labels. The brand hopes that the daily reminders on the containers will help users find their own inner beauty.

Camille Rose

Camille Rose is among the largest haircare brands in the US. Janell Stephens, the brand’s founder, started her company to solve her children’s aggressive skin ailments. The brand is now a household name and set to develop a sustainability plan with goals to become more sustainable within the next decade. The products use gourmet food-grade ingredients like honey, aloe, and ginger to enrich hair. The brand will also donate to ‘One Tree Planted’, a non-profit organization with a mission to help global reforestation efforts.

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