Brazil Digital Marketing Agency Sought By United Nations

Brazil Digital Marketing Agency Sought By United Nations

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is seeking a digital marketing agency with experience and relevance in Brazil. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was established on 14 December 1950 by the United Nations General Assembly. The agency is mandated to lead and co-ordinate international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide. Its primary purpose is to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees. It also has a mandate to help stateless people.


UNHCR aims to establish a powerful presence during next years in Brazil through the development of a digital fundraising program to acquire new Individual Donors, the Private Sector Fundraising (PSFR) digital program consist of multi activities as display, paid search, social and other forms of online marketing to engage and acquire individual giving donors. The Private Sector Fundraising Unit in Brazil is part of UNHCR Global PSFR Section, with a commitment to inspire awareness and approach the local community to feel as a part of UNHCR Mission in the field, attracting largest number of individual donations and persons committed to long-term monthly contributions.

In order to support this, UNHCR requires a digital marketing agency to help deliver national digital advertising campaigns with a specific focus on performance marketing, including paid search, display, social advertising and retargeting, in order to acquire individual donors as well as quality leads that can be developed into individual donors.

The digital marketing agency will be responsible for the media strategy, media buying, and reporting and performance optimization of the online digital advertising campaigns in order to help UNHCR achieve its digital fundraising and lead generation goals.


The Digital Marketing Agency must be able to deal with all the complex elements of developing a digital fundraising program in Brazil.

The project aims to have the support of a digital agency specialized in the Brazilian market and with full experience in digital strategy, online acquisition, online engagement and online retention, lead generation and lead conversion, click to donate and click to call campaigns, social media advertising , media planning, buying and optimization.

The agency will be responsible for consultancy on digital strategy, creating and adapting creative concepts for campaigns as required, producing digital assets as required, planning digital advertising campaigns and ongoing campaign management, including media strategy, media buying, campaign management and optimization.

The digital agency to be contracted is expected to provide in depth knowledge on the strategy to be followed for this campaign. To facilitate face-to-face meetings and activities, a Sao Paulo based office is required.

Services needed include:

Strategic Planning

  • Design and implement a digital acquisition strategy which achieves the above objectives
  • Design and implement a lead generation strategy (the agency will be responsible for the strategy and the lead acquisition activities; the agency will not conduct the lead conversion activities but is expected to deliver quality leads)
  • Design and develop a digital engagement strategy (acquisition and cultivation of non- financial supporters who can be converted,)
  • Provide recommendations to UNHCR to test new digital acquisition/ engagement/ retention strategies
  • Include mobile marketing solutions when applicable

Media planning, buying, implementing and managing

  • Develop an annual media plan (with monthly iterations) which leverages a diverse set of digital donor acquisition strategies and channels to reach and convert new audiences, with a focus on monthly giving
  • Provide methodology or systems for purchasing search engine keywords; implement the paid search channel, manage campaigns and ensure an overall positive ROI
  • Provide strategy and methodology for bidding/negotiating with vendors to purchase display media; implement channel and achieve targets agreed upon in plan
  • Provide methodology or systems for purchasing social ads; implement this channel and ensure an overall positive ROI
  • Provide strategy for retargeting and implement retargeting activities
  • Develop creative testing plan
  • Manage all aspects of the paid media campaign including ongoing optimization and improvement.
  • Purchase media directly from media channels

Elaboration of creative concepts and production of campaign assets

  • Elaborate original creative concepts for digital campaigns as needed
  • Produce original campaign assets as needed
  • Adapt existing creative concepts as needed
  • Create templates for online assets that can be reused/populated in different campaigns.

The proposal is due on June 30th with more information on UNHCR, its mandate, and operations at

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