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Brazil is next on the list of International PR firms we review – Brazil is the world’s seventh-largest economy, with a GDP of $2.4 trillion. It sponsored the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Summer Olympics. The nation’s considered the 13th worst among the world’s 150 wealthiest countries regarding income inequality.

These disparities become evident in the wake of such massive athletic events. The World Cup resulted in many workers’ strikes and protests, casting the nation’s class issues in a harsh light. Similar reputation-damaging scandals loom as possibilities with the influx of tourists and media attention promised by the Olympics. It’s never been more critical for Brazil’s public relations agencies to work hard for the industries leading to its status as a rising global superpower.

Here are three Brazilian PR firms making a major impact:


Agency Brazil


Agency Brazil

This bureau’s specialties include fitness and sports ventures, making it a particularly worthy agency for Brazil’s major athletics economy. Representing sporting outlets in Brazil and England along with international teams, New Zealand’s popular All Blacks rugby features on their client roster. It also focuses on technology and telecom companies alongside biotech, big pharma, and health. With offices in London and Qatar as well Brazil, Agency Brazil offers a fresh face to large-scale industries demanding perspectives from multiple continents, including a recent client launching a malaria-fighting mosquito patch. They successfully helped the company raise the funds necessary to distribute over 150,000 patches to families in malaria-ridden areas of Uganda and plans to continue on an international level.

Llorente Y Cuenca

Llorente Y Cuenca

Llorente Y Cuenca brings a keen understanding of digital communications. Part of their specialty as a PR bureau features in digital content generation. In response to the demands of their clients seeking help in their offices ranging from Buenos Aires through Central America to Miami, Florida, they partner with Impossible Tellers. IT’s a transmedia consultancy group specializing in content marketing and branding through narrative. With a focus on the corporate and financial sector, consumer engagement and European affairs, they distinguish themselves by providing a cutting-edge perspective at the local level.

Imagem Corporativa

Imagem Corporativa

Imagem Corporativa – the only Brazilian firm partnered with Public Relations Organizations International, a network of 110 independent PR agencies in 40 cities mutually assisting one another. Benefiting from such a broad network, they serve international clients with an interest in the Brazilian market along with Brazil-based companies operating in other countries. With a particular eye toward crisis prevention and management, Imagem Corporativa works with clients including Nissan, Deutsche Bank, and Singapore Air, guiding them all with strategies for working in this unique and growing economy.

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  1. John says

    I live in Brazil and beyond Imagem none of these agencies are even remotely considered TOP. These lists don’t delineate what makes an agency top. It’s an arbitrary hodge podge that may even be paid that doesn’t even list what clients they work with.

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