Brilliance of Market America and its Founders JR and Loren Ridinger


Brilliance of Market America and its Founders JR and Loren Ridinger

The Ridingers’ path as they established Market America was not always easy, but their dedication to perfecting their business skills and learning how to boost sales and produce success has long been apparent. Both JR and his wife Loren’s entrepreneurial spirits pushed them to start their own enterprise, Market America, in 1992. They extended first to Market Australia and now with over 3 million preferred customers and 180,000 distributors worldwide, they have annual accumulated sales of about $1 billion. They are now operating in nine countries.

“Things were not always easy sailing,” JR has told media, “but following through with your dreams into a plan is only the first step. The real magic is making the dream a reality.”

Success Begins with a Dream

Market America/SHOP.COM’s success started with a dream, but the success only happened with the generous application of dedicated hard work. It’s as simple as that, and as difficult, as the Ridingers didn’t allow anything to stop them.

As part of the genius of the Ridinger’s success, they’ve set up a new way for people to shop as well as a way for others to build their own wealth. JR’s vision included internet shopping long before the internet became a reality, back when personal computers were just starting to become something the everyday citizen could own. Over time he created the system as it is today, selling 80 million products on SHOP.COM, many of which are exclusive to the network. The system allows people to take advantage of collective buying power directly; it’s called a Shopping Annuity®. That system means the buyers act as distributors and make profits off of what is sold. Everyone wins.

Estimated retail profits and commissions since the beginning total $3.5 billion and more than $6.4 billion in estimated accumulated retail sales. In the process, they’ve creating hundreds of millionaires. Distributors can set up a SHOP.COM website of their own and sell through those.

Loren Ridinger has many exclusive products offered – including her line of cosmetics, Motives®, and a line of natural body care and wellness products for babies and children called DNA Miracles®, a jewelry line called Loren Jewels®, as well as products oriented to provide various home and work solutions — the fixx™ line.


The dynamic pair has not just changed the way people sell and shop, they’ve improved the lives of many in the process, allowing others to benefit from their innovations and vision. They’ve taken the entrepreneurial spirit to the highest levels by bringing others with them. That’s one of the best ways to move forward because as others succeed, and there’s even more profit for the company and everyone involved.

Its clear that Market America, as well as JR and Loren Ridinger will continue to succeed – as will so many of the people who sell through their platforms.  Good, brilliant success stories.

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