Broward County Board of Commissioners Issues Ad Agency RFP

Broward County Board of Commissioners Issues Ad Agency RFP
Broward County Board of Commissioners Issues Ad Agency RFP

The County is seeking a firm to provide creative brand development services, production services, media planning, including buying and designing strategic marketing campaigns for the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau (GFLCVB), as well as project-specific-work for the Aviation Department (Airport), Port Everglades Department (Port), and Parks and Recreation.


The Broward County Board of County Commissioners envisions:

  • From our Sawgrass to our Seagrass, a home for everyone seeking a sense of community and an exceptional quality of life, and a destination for visitors from every corner of the globe.
  • A model County, governed in an open and ethical manner, where innovative ideas are encouraged, and public and private sectors work collaboratively to achieve shared goals.
  • A vibrant economy with a diverse, skilled workforce, in a County offering unique advantages that attract all types of businesses to create equitable, countywide prosperity.
  • A sustainable system of world-class intermodal transportation, infrastructure, quality human services, public safety, affordable housing, recreation, arts and culture, complementing and balancing our natural resources and environment.

Scope of Work:

Project Overview:

Contractor shall provide creative brand development services, production services, media planning, including buying and designing strategic marketing campaigns for the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau (GFLCVB), as well as project-specific-work for the Aviation Department (Airport), Port Everglades Department (Port), and Parks and Recreation (operated under separate budgets). Project-specific work for the Port, Airport, and Parks and Recreation will be separately determined and authorized as needed. Additional County departments or divisions may be added by County at any time upon written notice by the GFLCVB Contract Administrator, which notice shall specify the Contract Administrator and any applicable budget limitations for that department or division.

Services Description:

Contractor shall provide Flat Fee Services (as described below) on a due course basis without the requirement of specific written authorization from the GFLCVB for the Flat Fee Services payment per Section 5.1 of the Agreement. The Flat Fee Services include all Services associated with media ad buys where the cumulative Fiscal Year cost of the purchased media is up to Four Million Dollars ($4,000,000).

In addition, Contractor shall provide Commissioned Media Services consisting of media ad buys where the cumulative Fiscal Year cost of purchased media is in excess of Four Million Dollars ($4,000,000). Commissioned Media Services may only be undertaken after Contractor receives a fully executed Work Authorization, followed by a Notice to Proceed.

Contractor must provide Services that maximize revenue generation for Greater Fort Lauderdale’s tourism industry, Airport, and Port.

Managerial Approach:

Contractor will ensure that the persons responsible for Contractor’s performance of the Services under this Agreement and, to the extent applicable (collectively “Key Personnel”) are appropriately trained and experienced and have adequate time and resources to perform in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. To the extent Contractor seeks or is required to make any change to the composition of the Key Personnel, Contractor will provide County with thirty (30) days’ advance written notice (or as much advance notice as is possible if thirty (30) days’ notice is not possible) regarding such changes and the management plan associated with such changes. County shall not be responsible for any additional costs associated with a change in Key Personnel.

Communication & Reports:

Contractor shall provide such periodic reporting as may be requested by any Contract Administrator.

Flatt Fee Services:

       Contractor shall provide the following Flat Fee Services:

                A. Brand Strategy and Creative Services:

                         1. Development of a research-based brand and marketing and advertising creative strategy for both the domestic and international markets and provide recommendations.

                         2. Development and production of results-driven marketing and advertising creative to support overall media and brand strategy.

                         3. Design and graphics services, including the creation and implementation of original creative, designs, artwork, layout and design templates, typography and illustrations, photography and other related elements that present a consistent brand for print, TV, out-of-home (billboards), email, social media, apps and online advertising.

                         4. Editorial services including copywriting, fact-checking, proofreading and editing of all materials placed or handled by Contractor.

                         5. Production services necessary to create promotional materials from concept to final format, including those required for relevant media and added value placements and delivery to media vehicles as required.

                         6. Supervision of photography and video production (including overseeing the direction of photo and video shoots and creative asset selections).

                         7. Project management related to production work.

                         8. Development and production of the Annual Marketing Communications Plan in a manner and format approved by County.

                         9. Collateral projects including copy, design, production, studio services, Contractor selection and management (as required) and print production management (including attending press checks when required). Collateral projects to include annual vacation guide, meetings guide, Superior Small Lodging directory, Visitors Map brochure and others as needed.

                         10. Maintain digital vacation planner and meeting planner brochures making updates as necessary on multiple platforms for optimal user experience.

                         11. Implement a monthly email marketing program including the creation and deployment of newsletters for leisure and group sales audiences, with a goal of     open rates and Click through Rates (i.e., the percentage of people visiting a webpage who access a hypertext link to a particular advertisement) that meet and exceed industry standards.

                         12. Develop a content marketing strategy to deploy across a variety of platforms including digital content design, programming and production; this may also include mobile app design and development.

                 B. Account Maintenance:

                      1. Delivery of all native and finished layered photoshop files to County, upon request, including Airport, Port, and Parks.

                      2. Assist in the management of all County digital assets including photo library, video footage and delivery of media-related assets such as reader response forms, etc.

                      3. Conduct weekly status calls/in-person meetings with GFLCVB internal marketing team and partner agencies (social, public relations, and global representation firms) regarding all active projects, and maintain highly responsive email and phone communications. These weekly status calls/in-person meetings are non-billable and included in the Flat Fee Services, but do not apply towards the calculation of any Flat Fee Differential as defined in the Agreement.

                      4. Attend stakeholder meetings, such as the Tourist Development Council (“TDC”) and the Marketing Advisory Committee (“MAC”), and others hospitality and industry meetings as needed.

                      5. Compile monthly reports including analytics of the impact of executed media strategies and tactics, as well as provide recommendations for improvement for all Key Performance Indicators and generate custom reports and analytics, as needed.

                       6. Create, produce and participate in presentations to County boards and committees, partners or other groups as requested and needed.

                       7. Complete monthly billing with all appropriate back-up documents, including detailed time sheets, media proof of performance and detailed invoices (including pre-approved reimbursables), original line item receipts and comprehensive billing recap including projections through end of the Fiscal Year.

                       8. Purchase unique specialty items for promotional purposes.

                       9. Special projects including design and production of support materials and tradeshow elements including displays.

                       10. Design and conduct quantitative and qualitative market research, survey and annual reports as requested.

                       11. Compile and submit award applications for top associations in marketing and tourism.

              C. Media Planning

                       1. Develop and execute a comprehensive, strategic, research-based, integrated, and evolving mixed media annual media plan targeting key audiences and market segments in both domestic and international regions (in consultation with Global Representation Firms, retained by the CVB). Recommend appropriate media channels, including digital, email, print, TV, radio and out of-home, and to adhere to specific goals.

                       2. Create and implement a comprehensive co-op media plan with broad-based participation (with hotels and other tourism attractions, e.g. print, digital, radio, vacation planner, etc.). Contractor will secure creative assets, ad sales and recruitment, billing and collection of partner contributions and reporting of leads.

                       3. Monthly digital reporting and analysis of all advertising including optimization recommendations. Provide Return on Investment insights with measurable results including: 1) Increase in visitors to GFLCVB website and/or digital  vacation planner; 2) Increase in awareness and intent to visit Broward County (i.e. searches for flights and hotels, as well as bookings); 3) Monthly budget reviews, media verification and invoicing; 4) Audit all media buys for accuracy and provide proof of performance including tear sheets, photo sheets, screenshots and run reports, and ensure “make good accommodations” as necessary.

                        4. Optimize media buys on an ongoing basis to control the effectiveness of advertising and impact spend, evaluating new media opportunities and determining efficient and effective media mix.

                        5. Negotiate across all media channels, obtaining competitive pricing, with a strong focus on leveraging strategic added value (ideally at least 50% of net media buy, e.g. advertorials, targeted emails, etc.).

                         6. If requested by County and subject to prior written approval as to each media buy, media buys cumulatively up to Four Million Dollars ($4,000,000) each Fiscal Year. After securing all required approvals and before completing the media buy, Contractor will notify the Contract Administrator of the intended media buy to verify it conforms with what was originally approved and to secure a written Notice to Proceed.

 Contractor may not mark-up expenses associated with any media buy up to the $4,000,000 amount cumulatively each Fiscal Year provided in this section as all costs (other than the actual charges by the media outlet where the advertising  will be run) are included in the Monthly Flat Fee.

Due Date:

March 1st, 2019.



Agencies in Florida include Zimmerman PR.

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