Butler Township Issues Branding RFP

Butler Township Issues Branding RFP
Butler Township Issues Branding RFP

Butler Township is located in Montgomery County, Ohio, just north of the City of Dayton, at the intersection of I70 and I75. It has a population of 7,852 residents and over 250 commercial businesses. Butler Township provides full government services including Police, Fire, EMS, Road Maintenance, Zoning, and Property Maintenance, as well as the operation and maintenance of Polk Grove Cemetery. Butler Township celebrated its Bicentennial in 2017, marking a new era and the perfect time to embrace the current culture of Butler Township with a new branding/marketing initiative. Butler Township will contract with a professional design firm to engage in an identity & branding initiative that will result in a consistent brand image with cross-functionality in marketing Butler Township as a destination for eating, lodging, and exploring the Dayton area, whether it be for pleasure or business. Located distinctively at the Intersection of I70 and I75, the community provides a convenient commercial district and an expansive residential community from quaint subdivisions to sprawling estate living. The business district has 17 hotels and 36 restaurants conveniently located along I-75 for visitors to Dayton’s many area attractions or through Dayton on their travels. All of these amenities are within minutes of the Dayton International Airport.

The resulting product will include a comprehensive branding strategy, new website design and design standards for marketing materials.


Butler Township’s logo has successfully guided the community’s identity and marketing strategies for nearly two decades. This process may not involve a new logo, however, it may be determined that the logo could be refreshed or updated. Butler’s branding and marketing initiatives should reflect a vibrant community which successfully balances the best attributes of rural small-town living with the vitality and energy of an urbanized business district. The marketing should transfer consistently throughout the commercial business district, the residential community and all departments, including; Police, Fire, Service, and Administration.

Scope of Work:

Butler Township seeks a professional design partner to develop an updated design/marketing standard that capitalizes on the history and successful implementation of Butler’s current brand while taking into consideration the community as it is today and what it will grow to be in the future. Expectations of the initiative will include:

                1. Conduct initial research about Butler’s current brand and culture, gathering information from staff, community members and business leaders.

                2. Determine strategies for marketing the business district for business retention and attraction as well as for visitors to the area.

                3. Prepare a brand report showing conclusions the company has drawn on Butler’s brand & identity and work with staff and community partners to achieve consensus on next steps.

                4. Develop and roll out a new mobile-friendly website for the township incorporating the new branding initiatives.

                5. Develop a new tag line or slogan for Butler Township.

                6. Provide a complete style manual including at least the following for consistent branding:

  • Typography
  • Primary and secondary colors of brand
  • Taglines or department attachments and how they should be used
  • Letterhead and business cards
  • Email signatures
  • Signage specifications
  • Social Media
  • Video and PowerPoint templates

Due Date:

May 17th, 2019.


Erika Vogel, Township Administrator


Agencies worth considering include Kite Hill PR and Makovsky PR.

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