Kite Hill PR: Profile of Agency

Kite Hill PR: Profile of Agency

Kite Hill is a technology specialty PR firm. The company takes a highly immersive and integrated approach to communications and marketing – delivering state of the art PR to a range of client campaigns. Through thought leadership, news-jacking and media relations, Kite Hill works alongside the media to build brand reputation.

Kite Hill PR Leadership and Clients

Kite Hill is the business led by Tiffany Guarnaccia – an innovative woman with more than a decade of experience in media relations for in-house and agency positions. Tiffany is one of PR News’s women to watch in public relations and she has always nursed a passion for the communications sector.  Before she launched Kite Hill PR, Tiffany was responsible for handling communication strategies with the Huffington Post – she even began the streaming HuffPost Live network. Tiffany’s experience in music tech also gives her a strong history in the tech and entertainment space. Kite Hill as an agency is packed full of everything from rising stars and industry veterans looking to help clients through advanced communications and PR campaigns. Companies on Kite Hill’s roster include TriPlay, Limewire, TAPAD, Social Media Week, Eyeota and more.

Kite Hill PR Perks and Problems

Kite Hill PR is an innovative employer always looking for the biggest and best stars in the communications and public relations space. This is a PR agency that prides itself on being a brand that thinks “outside the box”. Kite Hill offers unique opportunities for innovative thinkers who want to start exploring their opportunities in the PR World

As an employer, Kite Hill expects its staff to be proactive and creative when it comes to dealing with clients. They believe in creating exceptional experiences for their customers and want employees who are ready to change the world.

Kite Hill PR Services

Kite Hill is a PR and communications company that offers end-to-end support for their clients. They know that finding the right communications and marketing strategies can be difficult. As a specialist firm, Kite Hill is particularly well-suited to support MarTech and Advertising companies as well as B2B tech brands. Services include:

  • Media and publishing
  • Ad tech and marketing
  • Content creation and content marketing
  • Product launches and key announcements
  • Thought leadership
  • Media relations
  • Newsjacking
  • Event creation and experiences

Getting a Job with Kite Hill

Kite Hill claims that they’re constantly searching for the latest PR stars and creative minds to join their teams. Those interested in getting involved with either the NYC or London office can check out the open positions on the Kite Hill website, or send a cover letter and resume to

Kite Hill PR Miscellaneous

Kite Hill has its own “experiences” division designed to help clients create custom events and round-tables. This division also leads the Communications Week event – as well as additional tech-based Meetups in New York.

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