Campaigner Elements Brings Big Data to Email Campaigns

j2 Global (NASDAQ:JCOM) today released Campaigner Elements, a new and improved API for its Campaigner Email Marketing. One of the most interesting features of the new API is that it allows marketers to and analyze big data revealing subscriber behavior. Call it “email intelligence” if you will – a feature that eventually helps marketers drive more business from their email marketing campaigns.

“Campaigner Elements API allows users the flexibility to share their data between applications and take advantage of ‘big data’ analysis, to run more effective campaigns and increase their retention and revenue,” explained Rick Faulk, GM Cloud Services for Sales and Marketing, Campaigner.


The interface allows marketers to apply a specific query against many different types of reports, whether for contact or campaign related data. Some of the reports available include detailed contact information and group membership,S summary-level campaign delivery and activity metrics by domain, “big Data” contact activity reports by campaign, as well as open and click-through rates and detailed clicks by contact. All these “email intelligence” statistics, allow marketers to gain insight into customer behaviors, likes, dislikes and buying patterns.

Additional features include:

  1. Flexibly search, organize and group contacts with some of the most powerful segmentation capabilities in the market
  2. Manage email campaigns, creation and sending including autoresponders and drip campaigns
  3. Easily add and synchronize contacts and update custom contact details anywhere
  4. Download and review large scale reports about lists, campaigns and customer behaviors to learn what works

Campaigner Elements can be integrated with any programming language, is fully scalable and supports integration with a diversity of platforms and technologies, including third-party databases and applications, CRMs, websites, and social networking content.

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