Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Issues Public Relations RFP

Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Issues Public Relations RFP

The Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (“CDIC”) has a requirement to procure a public relations firm. CDIC is a federal Crown corporation with headquarters in Ottawa and is responsible for providing insurance against the loss of part or all of deposits and for promoting and otherwise contributing to the stability of the financial system in Canada.

Scope of Work:

CDIC seeks to retain the services of a firm to support CDIC’s public relations and strategic communications activities and programs, including Crisis Communications, in both English and French. Services provided in each language must be of an equal high quality. The Project budget is estimated to be approximately $250,000 per year.

Communications support:

Support services may include the provision of communications counsel and services in English and French as required by CDIC including the following:

o Ongoing strategic communications and Crisis Communications counsel, as required, to manage issues that develop or could develop, particularly those that could diminish public confidence in CDIC or Canada’s financial system.

o Provision of media relations expertise, including training of key CDIC executives and Board members and social media Crisis training for staff as required.

o Assistance with the development of a comprehensive Crisis Communications program for handling a range of scenarios. These include Financial Crisis events, the Failure of a Member Institution of any size, and situations that could damage the corporation’s reputation.

o The preparation and execution of communications plans, tools and templates that CDIC may require, including those related to the aforementioned Crisis Communications program, for both external and internal communications.

o Development of and participation in CDIC Failure/Financial Crisis simulations and assessment of the performance of the Crisis Communications response.

o Conducting research and environmental scans/situational analyses about specific areas of interest to CDIC as a basis for communications planning and recommended approach.

o Contributing to and enhancing, as required, CDIC’s outreach activities including the organization of news conferences, editorial boards or other events as required.

o Identifying new opportunities for outreach and education throughout the duration of the Agreement, including through speeches, presentations and other stakeholder opportunities.

o Contributing expertise for and conducting, as required, media outreach (including English and French Canadian financial media).

o Providing contingency resources for media relations, social media monitoring or other related services as required during a Crisis. Contingency resources are expected to operate on-site at CDIC’s offices in Ottawa, Ontario. At a minimum, the successful candidate must maintain the ability to provide ten full-time resources in French and English. Of these resources, all must be fluent in spoken and written English, a minimum of four must be fluent in spoken French and two must also be able to write in French. All ten resources must be available within 48 hours of receiving a request from CDIC. The successful candidate must also maintain the ability to scale up to at least 15 resources within five days of receiving the request. All resources must be fluent in spoken and written English. The lowest level billing resource competent to complete a required task will be assigned by the successful candidate unless otherwise approved by CDIC.

Due Date:

April 30th, 2018


Financial PR agencies include Makovsky PR and Edelman PR.

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