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Financial services is a term which describes the offerings within the finance industry, including money management and digital banking technology. It addresses financial needs for individuals and corporations. Due to rapid changes in technology during the last decade, the industry is also undergoing a lot of changes. Financial PR is a specialist PR activity concerned with communicating to financial audiences and especially those who can impact share prices. Financial PR showcases relationships with investors. Some of the main activities of financial PR are PR activity surrounding flotation or IPO advice and major structural changes such as mergers and acquisitions. Given below are ways in which financial PR proves beneficial.

1) Communications campaign around an IPO – During an IPO launch, PR teams develop a system for routing incoming investor and media inquiries, and create a plan to manage both the inquiries and ongoing relationships. PR professionals deliver communications that ultimately burnish a company’s image and also enhance shareholder value. They play an integral role in creating a market buzz that is essential for IPO success. They also develop consistent messaging about the IPO which is aimed at raising awareness. They collaborate with the public exchange’s media specialists  to implement SEC-approved public awareness campaigns for  a stock’s first trading day.

2) Provide reports on financial performance – Organizations in the finance industry are aware of the importance of financial performance and have to report it on a regular basis to their stockholders and shareholders. Quarterly and annual reports are particularly important as they include everything from revenue to net profit, dividends, and employee turnover.Businesses get to choose how they present their performance metrics It is the duty of financial PR to handle much of the reporting process. PR  professionals can identify unique ways of showcasing such reports and can create  messaging that presents reports in a positive light.

3) Leverage marketing techniques – A PR firm can develop an annual newsletter that showcases a company’s achievements. Brochures are a type of effective marketing tool to send information about a company into the hands of potential customers. PR can help identify which marketing strategies work best to reach the target audience.

4) Increase a company’s capital – How fast a company can raise funds is driven to a large extent by its visibility, which in turn is created through proper messaging. To raise funds successfully, a business needs to tell a compelling story. For financial PR, the target audiences are investors, both existing and yet to be attracted. Influencing investors can be done both directly by disclosing information on the website and publicizing deals, and through the media by sharing information on key events for the company and the outcomes of its activities. Companies also need to pursue lead generation and digital marketing strategies by  utilizing social media to increase engagement.

5) Offer thought leadership – Financial services companies can portray top executives as thought leaders. The thought leaders can be used as  expert sources for a range of business and financial trade publications. PR professionals can help identify blog topics that are relevant to a financial organization. Podcasts are also an effective way to showcase a company’s thought leaders.

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