Carmichael Lynch Chosen by Seventh Generation

Carmichael Lynch

Carmichael Lynch has been selected by Seventh Generation as their advertising agency of record. The advertising company has taken over advertising and creatives, while public relations is handled by Coyne PR out of New York.

Seventh Generation is a green products manufacturer which turns out eco-friendly products such as detergents and baby products, among others. One of the main factors in their selection of Carmichael Lynch was the fact that the advertising agency has a green focus, as well. This is extremely important to Seventh Generation and helped them decide to choose this particular ad agency.

“Carmichael Lynch has shown us the value of collaboration with their holistic thinking and ideas for our brand across several different disciplines. There is great opportunity for us to move our brand forward into the hearts and homes of a broader audience while working with Carmichael Lynch,” says David Kimbell, Seventh Generation CMO. “We’re excited by the passion and ideas they will bring to our brand on all levels.”

Carmichael Lynch Logo

Originally, Seventh Generation avoided spending money on advertising and kept a fairly small budget for marketing. However, as the company has grown, they have caught the eye of certain competitors, such as Clorox and are now making moves to overtake them. With the help of a quality agency like Carmichael Lynch, the company hopes to make a big name for themselves in advertising. As a green product company, they have a unique selling point that is particularly hot at the moment.

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