Top Celebrity Wrangling Companies for Endorsements


Sometimes you need a celebrity to attend a sponsored event, endorse your product, or both. Here are some leading celebrity wrangling companies-Platinum Rye. In 2008, Forbes declared that Platinum Rye is the “World’s largest broker of celebrity talent, models, recording artists, sports figures and other celebrities for ad campaigns and P.R. events.” That hasn’t changed.They have 12 locations worldwide, and three of them are in the U.S. – New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

The firm started in 1998 and has grown, so they now represent dozens of the Fortune 500 companies. Not only can you use them for celebrity connections, but they also work a lot in making deals for use of music for commercial purposes.

Talent Resources FirmTalent Resources

TR is an entertainment and sports marketing agency. The company began in 2006 and then expanded to include their Talent Resources Sports division in 2008. Some of their corporate clients include Blu, Dove, Sears, Kia, Citizen, and Moet & Chandon Champaign. Celebrities they have brought to the table include Kelly Clarkson, Steven Tyler, various members of the Kardashian clan and their partners, Jenny McCarthy, Mario Lopez, LeBron James, and many more. Their offices are in New York City and headed by superstar Mike Heller.

a list communications firm

A-List Communications

With offices in Los Angeles and Dallas, A-List offers a full PR menu of services, including their efforts with talent, celebrity wrangling, and endorsement services. They are a global company, and their pool of talent includes celebrities from all major film and music studios, talent agencies, trendsetting nightlife venues, and media companies. Some of their corporate clients include, Sony Music, Sony Pictures Classics, Bacardi Global, Anheuser-Busch, Dr. Pepper/Snapple, and non-profit organizations such as the American Film Institute and The Creative Coalition.

Flying Television Firm

Flying Television

Founded by Lori Levine and is headquartered in the Flat Iron District of Manhattan, New York. They are a full-service public relations firm but have been celebrity wrangling for about a decade. Corporate clients include Samsung Electronics, Covergirl, Entertainment Weekly, Greenbriar Resort, and Rolls Royce. Celebrities who have been at events because of Flying Television’s efforts include Taylor Swift, Sophia Vergara, Bruce Willis, Tony Bennett, Harry Connick, Jr., Jennifer Lopez, Meryl Streep, and many more.


Keri Feinstein PR (previously of Feinstein:McGuinness)Keri Feinstein PR (previously of Feinstein/McGuinness)

Feinstein started PR work in 2002 in Los Angeles where fashion, entertainment and lifestyle industries can blossom. Over the past twelve plus years, they have connected more than 3000 celebrities with over 2000 companies. Some of the corporate clients they have represented include RipCurl, Gnu, Samsung, Spanx, Reebok, and ILuv.

If you have an event that needs a celebrity, a commercial that needs a soundtrack, or are a celebrity that wants endorsements, these five firms should be able to help you get exactly what you need.

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